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Bad fish Sal Fritz Bubba Skag Bobby Dr. Biff

Bamaland, a comic strip by Walt Guthrie,
appeared in the Crimson White
(the newspaper for the University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa)
in the mid-80s.

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Do you know where Walt is?
I haven't heard from him in a couple of years now.
Some of his old college buddies are looking for him!
Drop me a line!

Walt received the
1991 College Gold Circle Award
in the category of "Entertainment Review".

Back in '97, Walt Guthrie gave me the okay to make some pages dedicated
to our favorite geeky student Bubba and his psycho, drug-pushing,
Spam-cookie-dough-eating, Argentinian-snuff-film-financing roommate, Skag.
I finally got around to doing it.
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All Bamaland images and materials are Copyright © 1985-1987 by Walt Guthrie. Used by permission.