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Who are we? Click here to find out more about our branch of the Horton family tree.

Graphic images by The RED MOOSE Company! *** If I promised you a photo, you'll find it here. ***

Photos from Ron's 1996 trip to Peru.

BOOKMARKS from the Hortons! Lots of web links we find useful or interesting.

Seasonal interest page: Things we did and saw in Alaska this summer!

Ron's new job as a Boeing 747 pilot for Atlas Air!!!


Tracks of Alaska is Phil and Ilona Richey's photography outlet. (907) 333-8138

Who are we?

We are Alison and Ron Horton. We've lived in Alaska for five years, and plan to stay... we LOVE it! Ron is a recently retired USAF fighter pilot, now flying 747s for Atlas Air, and Alison is mom, homemaker, and boss. We originally created The RED MOOSE Company as a hobby, to share our wonder at this great land of Alaska with others around the world. The RED MOOSE Company is now only a hobby, but the wonders of Alaska are just too good not to share!. Our two children are capable 'net-izens as well. Click to see Melanie's or Tony's personal page.

Images like those on these pages are just a part of The RED MOOSE Company. In this venue, we do:

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