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What You Will Need Climbing With
Patagonia Mountain Agency.

We are often asked what sort of specialized equipment is needed to participate on an expedition with Patagonia Mountain Agency. While we provide all of the group equipment (ropes, etc.) individual climbers will need a variety of personal supplies.


Here is a sample equipment list for Ama Dablam:

  1. Trekking boots
  2. Double boots
  3. Vapor barrier liners for feet (optional)
  4. Gaiters
  5. Crampons (step in bindings preferred)
  6. Heavy wool/pile socks (4 pairs) + 4 pairs light synthetics
  7. Light weight long underwear (top+bottom)
  8. Medium or heavy weight long underwear(especially top and maybe bottom)
  9. Light capilene gloves (2 pairs) + heavy mittens + Gore Tex overmits.
  10. Headlamp
  11. Glacier glasses with nose shield and side shields
  12. One-liter large mouth water bottles (2)
  13. Pee Bottle
  14. Sunscreen
  15. Lip sun screen
  16. Wool or pile hat
  17. Balaclava
  18. Pile jacket and pants
  19. Gore-Tex shells - top and bottom. Pants preferably to have full-length zippers
  20. Sleeping Bag rated to -10, -20 degrees - preferably down.
  21. Sleeping pads (two) - i.e. one thermarest and one closed-cell foam
  22. Backpack (internal frame, at least 4000+ cubic inches)
  23. Ice ax
  24. Seat harness - preferably the type with adjustable leg loops i.e. Black Diamond Bod
  25. Locking carabiners - (2)
  26. Rapelling device, i.e. ATC, stitch plate, figure 8.
  27. Down Jacket
  28. Jumars (ascenders)
  29. Climbing helmet
  30. Ski Poles
  31. Travel clothes
  32. Personal first aid kit and toiletry kit
  33. Small day pack for trekking (optional)
  34. Large duffel bags for transporting your gear (esp. via air, porter) (2)
  35. A tent - for privacy in basecamp.

These are suggested items. From experience you probably have your own preferred gear/gear combos.

Need some gear? Try here: Mountain Gear. Or try PMA Sponsor Alpinus. Of course, you'll need to read in Polish. Sorry. But the pictures are great!

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