yet another .wav from Monty Python's "Quest for the Holy Grail"

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Agis, Sadira and Rikus flee the Tyr valley in hopes of finding powerful allies to aid the quest to halt the coming evil.  "Verdant Passage"
Rikus, champion of Tyr, rallies the brave men and women of the Crimson Legion.  "Crimson Legion"
Sadira captures the wondering eye while Magnus guards what is really going on.  "Amber Enchantress"

Agis of Asticles, psionicist of noble heart basks in the glory of combat, while Tithian, High Templar, coward and devious murderer, lurks in the background.  "Obsidian Oracle"

Neeva and her compatriots scour the Silt Sea. "Cerulean Storm"
Borys, Dragon King, Dragon of Tyr and Scourge of Athas from the early years, during the Century of Wrath, he was still young then.
His pristine heart the foul undead could not pierce.
A fell beast of the pits awaits its summons.
Neeva, Champion of Tyr
It is terrible folly to underestimate the Dwarf, short though his stature may be.
The surreptitious Belgoi charms his prey with psionic attacks, and a little help from a silver bell.
This stunning piece depicts a githyanki as he steps through the portal unto his lesser brethren, who vow humble servitude.
Woe betide those who challenge he who fights for honor or freedom.

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