Basic Information

This CD is designed to be used with an internet browser, such as Netscape Navigator™ or Microsoft Internet Explorer.™ The documents and images on this CD-ROM work best with the latest version of either of these. The document is split into two basic areas, the database and the report. Hypertext jumps or links will appear as highlighted, underlined text, as with the words "database" and "report" in the last sentence. Attempts have been made to provide a clean look to the report document. When browsing the document, most images can be clicked on to show larger versions of the same image. These linked images will be outlined in the same color as text links. For best performance, set the color depth to show 65,536 colors (on a PC) or 1,000s of colors (on a Macintosh).
Database information
A browsing version of the spatial database is on this disk and can be accessed by going to the Database page. If you wish to use the entire database for your reseach, the details about where to find the files on this disk are given on the Database page. The table relationships are outlined in Section A10.2 of the report.
Getting a Printed Version of the Report
If you would like to have a printed copy of part or all of this document, you may do this on your own using your browser's print capabilities. No print copies of the report have been produced. If you wish to obtain more copies of the CD-ROM, contact the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities using the information on the About page.

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