The dimension of space or area is emphasized in the browsing database. This spatial avenue allows one to look at the frequencies of either Sprague classes or subclasses at finer and finer levels of aggregation (described in Appendix 9). The most general level shows frequencies for Excavation Areas. Frequencies at finer spatial distinctions also are tabulated. This is seen in tables which show frequencies aggregated by excavation area and level or excavation area, unit, and level combined. All of these tables provide links to Appendix 3, where long descriptions of items are provided.

For looking at distributions within excavated features, Appendix 5 tabulates recovered items.

The complete set of Barnette database tables are described in Appendix 10. Both plain ASCII text versions and .dbf-style tables are stored on this CD-ROM for research. The ASCII files can be found in the directory

<CD-ROM Drive>\data\files\ascii
The .dbf-format files can be found in
<CD-ROM Drive>\data\files\foxpro
Both directories contain information files titled README.TXT. In order to establish the correct relationships between tables, consult Appendix 10.

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