Iroquois Central High School
Class of '77 - The Friendships Never End!

Thirty years folks, and not a single smile has changed!

Dawn (Bischoff) Kubiak, Debbie (Almeter) Lloyd, Janice (Putnam) Rogers and Christine (Lee) Trumet

Bob Neu and Jane Rademacher

Janice (Putnam) Rogers

Doug Hopper

Alan Tyler and wife Kathy

Jeff Becker (Always on the lookout)

Ruth (Wilkens) Luzio (background), Kathy West, Joanne (Markowski) Yuhnke, and Lugene (Maurer) Bradley

Pete Baschmann, Anne (King) Neilson, and Bob Neu

Don Long and Pete Baschmann

Tim Reed

Lugene (Maurer) Bradley and Jeff Becker

Elaine Zdrojewski, Cheryl Stafford, Peggy (Margaret Gauthier) Jahn, Dave Chapin,  Jon Karnath, Clare Knab 

Theresa (Lazarus) Garvey, Patty (Mausteller)  Neff, Jody (Drosendal) Giallanza

Paula (Simme) Buffomante and Patty (Mausteller) Neff

The Sirens of '77 - Kathy West, Debbie Almeter, Jane Rademacher, Patty (Mausteller) Neff, Jody (Drosendal) Giallanza

Lisa Argauer and Eric Knuth

Donna (Krentz) and the Wild West gal

Bob Neu and Gary House

Eric Knuth


It looks like a good time was had by all!

Best of health and happiness to each of you, until we meet again in another 5 years.

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