Electrostatic Tools, Devices, and Related Materials
 PV Scientific Instrument company. This company makes historically accurate reproductions of various scientific equipment. Different types of Leyden jars and induction type electrostatic generators. 

Herbach and Rademan will send you catalog that has all kinds of neat stuff in it. Gizmos and gadgets mostly, but there is a disectible Leyden jar and Van DeGraaf Generator tucked away in those pages.

Lindsay Publications Inc. p.o. box 538, Bradley IL 60915-0538.  Anyone who is (or is believed to be) a mad scientist needs their catalog titled "Secrets You Aren't Supposed To Know". Reprints of hard to find or out of print books on a wide range of scientific subjects.

Educational Innovations Inc. has an interesting catalog with all sorts of wierd goodies in it. There are a couple of well designed electrostatic devices: A static powered motor and a Kelvin water drop generator. There's more, though, lots more.

Delta Education Hands On Science. This is primarily a science teachers catalog, but they have a nice little Van De Graaf generator for sale, and some pre- packaged kits for teaching about static electricity.

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