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State and National Sites

NALC National Site

MLNA Arizona State Association of Letter Carriers
California State Association of Letter Carriers
Colorado State Association of Letter Carriers
MLNA Connecticut State Association of Letter Carriers
Florida State Association of Letter Carriers
Georgia State Association of Letter Carriers
Ohio State Association of Letter Carriers
Indiana State Association of Letter Carriers
Illinois State Association of Letter Carriers
Iowa State Association of Letter Carriers
MLNA Louisiana State Association of Letter Carriers
MLNA Michigan State Association of Letter Carriers
Minnesota State Association of Letter Carriers
Missouri State Association of Letter Carriers
New Jersey State Association of Letter Carriers
New York State Association of Letter Carriers
North Carolina State Association of Letter Carriers
Ohio State Association of Letter Carriers
MLNA South Carolina State Association of Letter Carriers
Texas State Association of Letter Carriers
Washington State Association of Letter Carriers

Local Branch Sites

Branch 3 Buffalo, New York
Branch 4 Nashville, Tennessee
Branch 5 Omaha, Nebraska
MLNA Branch 8 Lincoln, Nebraska
Branch 9 Minneapolis, Minnesota
Branch 11 Chicago, Illinois
MLNA Branch 13 Muskegon, Michigan
Branch 14 Louisville, Kentucky
Branch 17 Scranton, Pennsylvania
MLNA Branch 20 Meridian, Connecticut
MLNA Branch 28 St. Paul, Minnesota
Branch 30 Kansas City, Missouri
MLNA Branch 34 Boston, Massachusetts
MLNA Branch 35 Little Rock, Arkansas
Branch 36 New York, New York
MLNA Branch 38 North Central, New Jersey
Branch 39 Indianapolis, Indiana
Branch 41 Brooklyn, New York
MLNA Branch 42 Jersey City, New Jersey
Branch 43 Cincinnati, Ohio
MLNA Branch 44 New Hampshire Merged
Branch 46 Western Massachusetts
MLNA Branch 54 Woonsocket, Rhode Island
Branch 56 Grand Rapids, Michigan
MLNA Branch 67 Elizabeth, New Jersey
MLNA Branch 68 Ogden, Utah
Branch 70 San Diego, California
MLNA Branch 72 Concord, New Hampshire
MLNA Branch 74 Saginaw. Michigan
Branch 78 Columbus, Ohio
Branch 79 Seattle, Washington
Branch 84 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
MLNA Branch 86 Capital City, Connecticut
MLNA Branch 92 Portland, Maine
Branch 100 Toledo, Ohio
Branch 105 Lima, Ohio
MLNA Branch 106 Montgomery, Alabama
Branch 111 Salt Lake City, Utah
MLNA Branch 116 Fort Wayne Indiana
MLNA Branch 127 Jefferson, Missouri
Branch 130 Tacoma, Washington
Branch 132 Dallas, Texas
Branch 137 Poughkeepsie, New York
MLNA Branch 147 Norwalk/Darien, CT
MLNA Branch 157 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
MLNA Branch 181 Austin, Texas
MLNA Branch 183 Santa Rosa, California
MLNA Branch 187 Bay City, Michigan
Branch 193 San Jose, California
MLNA Branch 201 Wichita, Kansas
Branch 204 Colorado Springs, Colorado
Branch 210 Rochester, New York
Branch 212 Lawrence, Massachusetts
Branch 214 San Francisco, California
MLNA Branch 219 Aurora, Illinois
MLNA Branch 234 Owensboro, Kentucky
Branch 238 Canton, Ohio
MLNA Branch 245 Rockford, Illinois
MLNA Branch 246 Kalamazoo, Michigan
Branch 256 Flint, Michigan
Branch 258 Reading, Pennsylvania
MLNA Branch 273 Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Branch 283 Houston, Texas
MLNA Branch 294 Fresh Meadows, New York
MLNA Branch 305 Joliet, Illinois
Branch 321 Pensacola, Florida
MLNA Branch 324 Greeley, Colorado
MLNA Branch 331 Boise, Idaho
Branch 332 McKeesport, Pennsylvania
Branch 343 St Louis, Missouri
Branch 352 Des Moines, Iowa
Branch 361 Central Kentucky
Branch 380 Trenton, New Jersey
MLNA Branch 385 Youngstown, Ohio
MLNA Branch 391 Bangor, Maine
Branch 421 San Antonio, Texas
Branch 425 Teaneck, New Jersey
Branch 426 Hamilton, Ohio
Branch 442 Spokane, Washington
MLNA Branch 450 Bellingham, Washington
Branch 451 Johnstown, Pennsylvania
MLNA Branch 458 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Branch 459 Raleigh, North Carolina
Branch 462 Huntsville. Alabama
Branch 466 Lafayette, Indiana
MLNA Branch 472 Madison, Indiana
MLNA Branch 499 Kansas City, Kansas
MLNA Branch 505 El Paso, Texas
Branch 540 Camden, New Jersey
MLNA Branch 542 Norristown, Pennsylvania
MLNA Branch 567 Alexandria, Virginia
MLNA Branch 570 Laconia, New Hampshire
MLNA Branch 576 Phoenix, Arizona
MLNA Branch 595 Danville, Virginia
Branch 599 Tampa, Florida
MLNA Branch 609 Newport News, Virginia
MLNA Branch 642 Boulder, Colorado
Branch 693 Westchester, New York
Branch 709 Reno, Nevada
Branch 725 Holmes, Pennsylvania
MLNA Branch 736 Walla Walla, Washington
MLNA Branch 742 Norwood, Massachusetts
MLNA Branch 758 Wyandotte, Michigan
Branch 764 Dedham,  Massachusetts
MLNA Branch 769 Haddonfield, New Jersey
Branch 782 Golden Empire, California
MLNA Branch 789 Seymour, Indiana
MLNA Branch 791 Everett, Washington
MLNA Branch 820 Mishawaka, Indiana
Branch 825 Oakbrook, Illinois
MLNA Branch 827 Independence, Missouri
Branch 828 Bloomington, Indiana
Branch 843 Wheaton, Illinois
MLNA Branch 860 Honolulu, Hawaii
Branch 903 Southern New Jersey
Branch 908 Woodbury, New Jersey
Branch 909 Pendleton, Oregon
Branch 916 Eugene, Oregon
Branch 920 Souderton, Pennsylvania
MLNA Branch 1091 Orlando, Florida
Branch 1100 Garden Grove, California
MLNA Branch 1119 Marietta, Georgia
MLNA Branch 1252 Jackson, Ohio
Branch 1280 San Mateo, California
MLNA Branch 1321 Eastern North Carolina (merged)
Branch 1358 Tulsa, Oklahoma
Branch 1414 Bremerton, Washington
Branch 1427 Santa Clara, California
Branch 1439 Ontario and Ranch Cucamonga, California
Branch 1477 Pinellas Park, Florida
MLNA Branch 1484 Puyallup, Washington
MLNA Branch 1512 Gastonia, North Carolina
MLNA Branch 1650 Redondo Beach, California
Branch 1690 West Palm Beach, Florida
MLNA Branch 1902 Mesa, Arizona
MLNA Branch 2008 Clearwater, Florida
MLNA Branch 2072 Fort Meyers, Florida
MLNA Branch 2086 Burbank, California
Branch 2128 Toms River, New Jersey
Branch 2184 Western Wayne County, Michigan
Branch 2200 Pasadena, California
MLNA Branch 2291 Starkville, Mississippi
MLNA Branch 2394 Aroostook, Maine
MLNA Branch 2462 Van Nuys, California
Branch 2502 Las Vegas, Nevada
Branch 2589 Lubbock, Texas
Branch 2689 Melbourne, Florida
MLNA Branch 2876 Linden, New Jersey
Branch 2902 Chatsworth, California
Branch 3126 Royal Oak, Michigan
Branch 3825 Rockville, Maryland
MLNA Branch 4057 Warner Robins, Georgia
MLNA Branch 4065 Plano, Texas
MLNA Branch 4149 Palm Springs, California
Branch 4319 Anchorage, Alaska
MLNA Branch 4374 Center Line, Michigan
MLNA Branch 4422 Glen Burnie, Maryland
MLNA Branch 4430 Lancaster-Palmdale, California
Branch 4498 Coulee Dam, Washington
Branch 4645 Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
MLNA Branch 4739 Wheeling, Illinois
MLNA Branch 4800 Chesterton, Indiana
Branch 4985 Juneau, Alaska
MLNA Branch 5420 Brick, New Jersey
MLNA Branch 5561 Casselberry, Fern Park and Winter Springs, Florida
MLNA Branch 5847 Hazelwood, Missouri
MLNA Branch 5996 Aurora, Englewood and Littleton, Colorado
Branch 6000 Long Island, New York
Branch 6496 Ely, Nevada

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