MAPTS welcomes Bill Bieber as the Executive Director of MAPTS [Press Release].
Soldotna Office (Main Office) - (907) 262-2788  /  Fax: (907) 262-2812
Bill Bieber, Executive Director
907.953.3311 (cell)
Elizabeth Hardie
Program Coordinator
907.262.2788 x 151
Elaine Woodburn
Administrative Assistant
907.262.2788 x 150
Rene Azzara
Career Skills Development Instructor / Instructional Design
907.262.2788 x 152
Anchorage Office - (907) 786-6413  /  Fax: (907) 786-6414
Shirley Hagen
Anchorage Office Manager

Mine Safety Training Team
Sam Reves
Mine Training Coordinator
Mike Azzara
Mine Safety Instructor
Daren Case
Mine Safety Instructor
Jim Smith
Mine Safety Instructor
Peter "Boise" Alexie
Mine Safety Instructor
Health, Safety, Environmental Safety Training Team
David Spann
HSE Safety Coordinator
907.262.2788 x 154 - Soldotna
907.786.6413 - Anchorage
Dan Grunwald
HSE Safety Instructor
Juneau Office 907.796.6132 (location currently unmanned fulltime)

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