1. The order cut-off date for the second run of Alaska geocoins is midnight, July 24, 2005.  Orders received after July 24 will be placed on a waiting list pending receipt of payment from those who ordered before July 24.  The brass coins are $5 each and the silver coins are $20 each. See #4 below for payment information.

  2. To order your coins, mail the Ladybug Kids with the number of brass and silver coins you want along with your geocaching alias, your "real" name, and your snail mail address.  We will add your order to the spreadsheet and indicate the required payment.  Orders will no longer be accepted via the forums (it's just too difficult to keep postings in multiple threads and e-mails straight).  Please put "Alaska Geocoin" on the subject line of any e-mails.

  3. All coin and shipping costs have been rounded up to the nearest whole dollar.  The "extra" funds will be used to purchase Alaska geocoins for distribution to Alaskan land managers who support geocaching.

  4. Payment must be received by July 24 to reserve your coin(s).  If payment is not received by July 24, your order will not be included in the new coin minting.   Payment may be made with personal check, money order, traveler's check, cash or PayPal (see #5 below).   Canadian orders may be filled using Canadian (you may use CAN$1.20 = US$1.00) or US currency.  For orders outside Canada or the US, please contact us via e-mail for how to proceed.  Prices are posted with and without mailing insurance.  Please indicate whether you want to insure your coins.  We accept no liability for cash or coins lost in the mail.  

  5. PayPal is now be available.  Log into your PayPal account, click on the "Send Money" tab, enter "ladybugs@alaska.net" for the recipient's e-mail, enter the "PayPal" payment amount from the table below (with or without insurance), select "Goods(other)" for Category of Purchase, enter "Alaska Geocoin Payment" for E-mail Subject, and enter the number of brass coins, silver coins, and insurance request in the Note field for a cross-check.  The PayPal columns reflect the 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction charge assessed by PayPal.

Send Payment to:  

Michael Malvick
975 Crocus Way
Fairbanks, AK 99712-1355

E-mail Ladybug Kids

I split the order list into two pieces and placed them on separate pages because the list was getting a bit large to download over a slow dial up line.  Please follow these links to check your order and payment information.

Shipping for Cacher Names: A Through L
(Includes names with leading numbers, Orders received before July 9 and shipped by July 14)

Shipping for Cacher Names: M Through Z
(Orders received before July 9 and shipped by July 14)

Second Run and Gold Relief Orders
(All orders received after July 9)

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