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The Short Wing Piper Club 2001 International Convention will be June 25th through June 28th, 2001 in Anchorage, Alaska. Start making plans now to join us at this exciting event. To see what is in store for you, check out 2001 Alaska Odyssey

The ALASKA CHAPTER is a small part of the much larger international SHORT WING PIPER CLUB whose mission is to provide a forum for those of us who own, or wished we owned, one of the family of simplest,most cost effective, efficient, and fun-to-fly aircraft manufactured by the Piper Aircraft Corporation from 1948 to 1963. The aircraft family includes the PA-15 and PA-17 (Vagabond); PA-16 (Clipper); PA-20 (Pacer); and PA-22 (TriPacer and Colt).

Populations being what they are here, the ALASKA CHAPTER has relaxed membership requirements some. Members are required to acknowledge that SWPs do exist. Because of this relaxation, the flight lines at most of our events are populated by SPAM Cans (Cessna 150s, 170s, 172s, 182s, 185s; Beechraft Twin Bonanzas, Cherokees, and an Aerospatiale Rallye to name a few); Long Wing Pipers; and other rag-and-tube constructed airmachines. No matter what we are flying, our goals are the same: to have fun FLYING IN THE LAST FRONTIER and to do it safely.

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Your thoughts, comments, and questions are appreciated. Please drop us a line. Our address is kl7mt@pobox.mtaonline.net