PO Box 61279

Fairbanks, AK   99706  

 (907) 459-4888

Business Reference Index is a member of the Fairbanks Area Better Business Bureau.

Offering a premier way of displaying your business to the Fairbanks and North Pole areas

I have developed a program that helps both consumers and businesses by:

Making it Easy for People to Find and Choose Reliable Local Businesses

Increasing the Business’ Exposure

Limiting Their Competition

Doing This Effectively

Doing This Affordably

It takes about 10 minutes for me to show you the details.

Listed are just some of the other reputable businesses that have chosen to participate in this effective program, You should recognize these:

Allstate Insurance Denali State Bank
Pinkerton Security Gold Rush Fine Jewelry
Cook & Haugeberg CPAs  Wet Willy's Car Wash

If you are interested in this professional method of advertising, please contact me to set an appointment.

Terry Lyle

Additional information

I have lived in Fairbanks for 16 years. My husband and three children all were born in Fairbanks. Fairbanks is our home and we will reside here permanently.

Many people know me from having worked as Office Administrator for McCaw / AT&T Wireless paging for the past 8 years.

I look forward to meeting more wonderful business people soon to reveal my program.

It is a pleasure to help businesses that know the value of advertising, be able to present their business professionally and affordably.

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