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Gold Strikes and Rushes in Chronological Order
1848 - First gold discovery Russian River on Kenai Peninsula 1895 - Sunrise district on the Kenai Peninsula 1905 - Kantishna hills
1861 - Stikine River near Telegraph Creek, British Columbia; Wrangell 1896 - Klondike strike, Bonanza Creek, Yukon Territory, Canada 1906 - Innoko
1872 - Cassiar district in Canada, Stikone headwaters country 1896 - Council on Seward Peninsula 1907 - Ruby
1872 - Near Sitka 1898 - Anvil Creek near Nome in Atlin district 1908 - Iditarod
1874 - Windham Bay near Juneau 1898 - Hope and Sunrise on Turnagain Arm 1913 - Chisana
1880 - Gold Creek at Juneau 1898 - British Columbia 1913 - Marshall
1886 - Fortymile discovery 1899 - Nome beaches 1914 - Livengood
1887 - Yakutat areas and Lituya Bay 1900 - Porcupine rush out of Haines
1893 - Mastodon Creek, starting Circle 1902 - Felix Pedro, Upper Goldstream Valley in Fairbanks area

Nugget Trivia
More Trivia
The largest gold nugget ever found in Alaska was discovered near Nome.  The nugget, weighing 155 try ounces, was found September 29, 1903, on Discovery Claim on Anvil Creek, Nome District.  The nugget was 7 inches long, 4 inches wide, and 2 inches thick.
Klondike - Hammered Water
The word "Klondike," after 1898 one of the most famous place names in the history of the northland, comes from tron-diuck, which means "hammered water".  It refers to stakes hammered into the bed of the Klondike River at its mouth, where Han Athabascan people annually set their salmon traps and nets.  The nets and weirs would be anchored to stakes laboriously driven into the bed of the river.  Tron refers to the hefty hammer stones used to pound in the stakes.  There are fewer than two dozen Han speakers living today, but this word of theirs, "Klondike," lives on in history because of its association with the lure of northern gold.  - Ann Chandonnet, The Alaska Hertiage Seafood Cookbook

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