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You have reached the web page of Garry Wallan. I have been so busy building other people's web pages, I allowed mine to become old, threadbare, and stale. You would not have believed the ruts in the carpet and the stains on the sofa. It looked like bears with furniture lived here!

So, I cleaned it up. No more crushed banana in the carpet. No more fuzzy clam dip under the coffee table. No more boogers on the wall. Man, my guests really made a mess! Do me a favor and clean up after yourself when you are done here!

The Oasis Sanctuary  

The Oasis Sanctuary

A life-care facility and refuge for parrots. I support The Oasis and you should, too. Visit them at

Parrot Education & Adoption Center  

Parrot Education & Adoption Center

Parrot Education & Adoption Center (PEAC) is a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to educating current and potential bird owners on the proper care of pet birds. Based in San Diego and covering all of Southern California, with chapters in Anchorage, Alaska; Cleveland, Ohio; and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, PEAC began operations in 1996. Unwanted or found parrots are accepted at PEAC. They are cared for until adopted to qualified applicants.

The Alaska Bird Club  

The Alaska Bird Club

The Alaska Bird Club’s mission is to promote responsible avian ownership through education and when possible, to provide rescue and adoption services for abandoned and unwanted birds in communities across Alaska.

Garry  Wallan, Monkey Boy, says: 'Parrots Ate My Brain!'  

The Cage Floor

Welcome to the portal to The Cage Floor, a repository of allegedly humorous mental droppings and random bits of parrotica. Read about the adventures of visitors to Alaska. Stare in dumfounded amazement at the stunning Macromedia Flash entertainment.

OK, so I lied. There is no Flash, at the moment. Go click a link.

Click for Anchorage, Alaska Forecast  


They say that living in Alaska is just like living anywhere else, only different.

Image of Mooby 'courtesy' of View Askew Productions. They are for sale at their web site.  

View Askew Productions

I'm a fan of Kevin Smith's movies. Visit the View Askew Productions web site. Find out about the movies. Buy stuff.

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