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This is the first attempt to publish at least part of the Winterberger family tree on the Web. This site contains reference to that part of the Winterberger family that emigrated from the Alsace region of France to the United States in the mid-1800's. There is no reference to the Swiss branch of the family; hopefully there will be soon. Family stories have the Winterberger clan originating in the Frisian Islands, just off the north coast of the Netherlands and Germany. The clan moved south sometime before 1700, with part of the family settling in what is now the Alsace region of France, part settling in Switzerland, and a small group settling in Germany. I haven't been able to verify this story, but it sounds good and there are Winterberger's living in France, Germany, and Switzerland. There does seem to be a large number living in the area bounded by a triangle of cities - Bern, Nancy, and Strasbourg.

I will improve upon this site, but wanted to get a basic site up and running so that I might appease the many Winterberger relations that have asked me to put something up. I do hope this site helps us all figure out a bit more about our roots.

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Created 7 Aug 1999

by Ken Winterberger