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For many crossdressers it's not possible to wear their own hair in a long, feminine style; some girls have to keep it cut short for employment reasons while others are “follically challenged.” Fortunately, there are many places to purchase fashionable and stylish wigs for your own feminine crowning glory.

Beauty Trends: Your solution to bad hair days! Change your hair style or color, add length and volume, or wrap your hair in fashion with one of their fine wigs. Choose from their exclusive BeautyTrends brand or from other wig brands such as Adolfo, Dolly Parton or Revlon. The center of the costume universe featuring wonderful styles of wigs -- including teased bouffant, beehive, Cleopatra, Uma Thurman, Tina Turner, Elvira, southern belle, and the Austin Powers fembot wig -- and a wide range of other needs such as glitter hairspray and lace and satin evening gloves.

 De Novo Hair: Features wigs and hairpieces to provide fashion and hair loss solutions for today's woman. Specializes in high quality lace wigs for comfortable, natural looking hair replacement including custom made hair pieces to meet your specialized needs.

Hothair Fashion Wigs: The UK's leading online retailer of fashion wigs, hair extensions and accessories. Catering to women (and t-girls) of all ages and for all occasions providing you with a huge choice of styles, colours and hair lengths to allow you to easily change your style for everyday, going out, holidays, parties or whenever!

International Wig: A great source for wigs, hairpieces, falls, hair clips, extensions, fusion, & hair weaves. Also offers a nice selection of wig care accessories and wig head mannequins. “...where style and quality come to a head.”

Jacquelyn Wigs: For all your wig, hair, and wig accessory needs. Offering haute couture for your head.

 Pierre Silber: For great club and fetish wear, this is your number one source for sexy style wigs to bring out the vixen in you. In business for over 25 years, they also offer high heels, sandals, thigh high boots, costumes, lingerie, and a nice range of vinyl and lycra dresses.

 Paula Young Fashion Wigs: The nation's leading choice for quality synthetic and human hair wigs and hairpieces for nearly three decades. Find dozens of beautiful, famous-name styles - short and long, straight and curly, and a full range of colors - from Christine Jordan, Paula Young, and Eva Gabor. Easy, carefree synthetic styles and luxurious, natural 100% human hair designs. There's a style for everyone.

Vegas Girl Wigs: The best source for dramatically elegant "big hair" coronation style wigs at great prices. Stylist to the stars in Las Vegas for over 35 years. Very transgender friendly.

Wig Outlet: A very transgender friendly company with some lovely wigs and reliable service.

Wigs 2000: Offers a wide selection of wig products designed specificially for African American women, from full wigs to hairpieces and hair extensions for weaving and braiding, in all sizes, styles and full range of natural colors.

World of Wigs: Specializing in high quality wigs and hair pieces.

WowWow Wigs: The ultimate online wig store. If you need wigs for your fashion needs, parties, parades, theatrical performance, shows, Halloween and other occasions and holidays or just for plain fun, visit this site.

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