Princess Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Style Icon

Making it Cool to Dress Like a Woman Again

April 22, 2012

The ladies of the Style section at the Huffington Post are currently carrying on a debate that asks: Kate Middleton: A Style Icon? If you've been a regular visitor to my site, you'll probably agree that it is something of a silly topic because, really, how could anyone not appreciate her style and want to make it her own? I don’t believe I could say it any better than Mia Meadows did on

"Kate Middleton is a style icon... Each outfit she wears emulates a quiet dignity without looking frumpish. Princess Catherine has made it cool to dress like a woman again. Knee-length skirts and pantyhose are once again in fashion, and the world has the Duchess of Cambridge to thank."

Understanding why the self-proclaimed fashionistas are troubled by Kate Middleton is easy. It isn't how stunning she looks in a sleek wrap dress (like the gorgeous purple v-neck jersey dress from Issa she sported on Canada Day, 2011; how is that frock not iconic?). And it isn't that she prefers practical pumps over the provocative stilettos that have been all the rage for the past decade. Instead, chief among their complaints about Duchess of Cambridge's style is the fashion sin of wearing sheer nude nylon hosiery. Basically, these critics are upset that The Princess, the woman they all grew up dreaming of becoming, wears pantyhose. Even worse for her critics, it seems that Kate's tastes have caught on, setting off a resurgence in hosiery sales which is making 2012 "the year of pantyhose" and relegating bare legs to the scrap heap of fashion! Unfortunately, for the fashion mavens, it appears that the truly stylish are now paying attention to a true source of style inspiration.

Red Satin Cocktail Dress for the Holidays

Happy Holidays!

December 24, 2011

The holidays give a girl the one thing she wants most: a reason to get all dolled up. Tis the season for glitz and glamour in shimmering satins, radiant metallics, and dazzling sequins, all guaranteed to bring a festive flare to the occasion. When else could a lady get away with wearing a bright red cocktail dress in a stretchy satin fabric (custom-made by Light in the Box) with matching d'Orsay pumps (by J.Renee) and a pair of glossy pantyhose (Seidenglatt 15 Denier Transparente Feinstrumpfhose by Falke) all accessorized with a lovely vintage crystal broach and earrings set (by Eisenberg)? I hope you'll also have a chance to enjoy the glamour and elegance that the season brings.

Pretty Knit Dress for Summer

Glorious Summer Days

October 2, 2011

It took summer forever to arrive here in the Portland area this year, but once it did, it was just beautiful. August and September were nice and warm, perfect for entertaining outdoors. And speaking of forever, it's certainly time that I update these pages. I've added a few shots of me from this summer in a pretty purple and green print dress that I've accessorized with a lovely string of mint green pearls, Berkshire's Ultra Nudes pantyhose, my ivory calfskin Miche purse, and a pair of basic white high heel pumps (please don't worry, it was before Labor Day when these pictures were taken!)

International Women's Day

March 8, 2011

An article in the UK Daily Mail reports on a public service advertisement being aired in Britain commemorating the 100th International Women's Day. The spot features Daniel Craig -- the latest incantation of James Bond -- en femme as he literally (and rather stylishly in a print knit dress, make up, a blonde wig, nylons, and high heels) puts himself in a woman's shoes as a statement against the structural inequalities facing women everywhere. This two-minute-long-video involves the faceless Dame Judi Dench reprising her role as Government Agent M to query Bond about the continued unequal status of women that includes lower salaries, poorer job prospects, larger work-loads, greater risks for sexual assault, reduced access to education, and increased condemnation for promiscuity. As 'M' reminds .007, "facing up to gender issues and the sometimes covert nature of sexism in the 21st century is something that we all have to recognize, confront, and challenge."

Pretty Sandals for Spring

Dressy Sandals for Spring

January 27, 2011

Before we know it, spring will be here and that, of course, means the beginning of sandal season. Be it a wedding or perhaps an intimate night out on the town, you're going to love these satin ankle strap sandalsUltra-Feminine Satin Sandals for Spring by Ros Hommerson that feature 3 inch heels, cushioned memory foam insoles for comfort, and a delicate floral detail. These lovely delights come in a nice range of colors (including gold, silver, red, and black) and, most importantly, sizes to fit the tall lady (to 13 Wide Wide). Whatever the dressy occasion, in these sandals, non-stop flirty fun awaits.

Lovely Green Sheath Dress

A Little Green Dress for the Holidays

January 15, 2011

Over the holidays I had the chance to wear another of my new favorite outfits -- a green sheath dress -- from Ravis International Custom Tailors. Part of the charm of this dress is its classic silhouette that offers a simple elegance and its color is certainly a festive alternative to the typical little black dress. While it's unlikely that bottle green (that's what the British call this not-quite-kelly-green shade) will soon become the "new black," this dress goes to show how a custom tailor can create something that is both stylish and truly unique.

Custom Tailored Skirt Suit

Custom Tailored Businesswoman Wear

January 6, 2011

One of my better discoveries over the past year is Ravis International Custom Tailors. As the name implies, it is a bespoke service offered by a tailor from Thailand who travels the globe to fit anyone, anywhere (near an international airport, that is) before returning to his studio to craft skirt suits, sheath dresses, blouses, and top coats in your choice of styles and fabrics. A month or so after my first fitting I received my order and I was pleasantly delighted with the results. Only another tall lady like myself can appreciate having a jacket that truly fit with a bustline on the jacket that matched my bustline and sleeves long enough that I didn't feel like I had to push them up to feign a 3/4 length sleeve look. Click here for some pictures of the first suit I had custom tailored (and I think you'll like the snakeskin pumps I'm wearing also).

Girdles and Bras in Seafoam Green and Mocha

September 14, 2010

Of course, like most other trans-ladies, I'm sure that you also adore the ultra-feminine lingerie and full-fashioned stockings offered by Secrets in Lace. If so, then you are going to just die for their latest styles featuring the Elizabeth collection of foundations and lingerie. What makes this new collection so wonderful is that its two lovely colors - mocha brown and seafoam green - are a delightful change from the colors usually used for foundation wear. To start, choose their matching satin and lace underwire "Cabaret" plunge bra for delicious uplift and cleavage. For holding up your stockings, the Elizabeth collection includes a pretty ruffled garter belt and a classic open-bottom girdle; both feature six garters so you'll be sure your seams are straight. Underneath, you can select either a skimpy satin thong or a pair of their soft and sexy charmeuse satin and lace brief panties. As popular as this limited collection is, you'll want to act fast so you won't be stuck in boring, bland white, black, or beige girdles and bras.

Click Here for Enlarged Video

The Joy of Living With Fragrance

September 10, 2010

From the days of Mad Men and Jackie Kennedy comes this delightful promotional film by Avon Cosmetics on The Joy of Living with Fragrance. It tells the story of fragrance, from its formulation and production to a lesson on the many different types of scents. Also useful is the numerous suggestions on the selection and application of perfume, cologne, and cachet. This is a gorgeous video from the era of grace and glamour that captures the elegance of the times. You'll long for the days when heads turned with the click-clack of your Cuban heels, the froufrou of your nylons against taffeta, and the womanly fragrance that was all your own.

Sarah Jessica Parker in Pantyhose

Nude and Tan Sheer Hose Coming Back Into Style

August 15, 2010

Apparently, according to a story in the London Daily Express, skintone pantyhose are coming back into fashion. Although the usual critics decry this wonderful trend, it's great news for those of us who know that a great pair of legs in silky nude hosiery is an elegant look that has always been in style. And guess who is at the forefront of the fashion trend; that's right, it's Sarah Jessica Parker of Sex and the City fame and poster child for the tragedy of hoselessness. It's nice to see that she (and other stars such as Beyonce and Cheryl Cole) has seen the light.

The article in the Express also reported on a poll conducted by Charnos hosiery which found that 4-out-of-5 British women surveyed preferred to wear tan pantyhose in the summer rather than having to deal with the streaky hassle of self-tanners necessary when going "bare." Of all the brands of "cosmetic hosiery" now on the market, Falke's Shelina Nylons are a favorite of well-heeled ladies for a luxurious, polished effect. Let's hope that this is one of those trends that eventually makes it "across the pond" to the US.

At the Pacific Coast Living Conference

Pacific Coast Living Conference

August 6, 2010

In mid-July I made the trip to San Francisco to attend the Pacific Coast Living Conference. This one day event was organized by Carla Blair, proprietress of Carla's Salon and Boutique, with the assistance of members from the Bay Area's transgender organizations (including the East Bay's Diablo Valley Girls, TransGender San Francisco, and San Jose's Rainbow Gender Association). It was the first major transgender conference in the Bay Area since California Dreaming in April of 2008. Between the great food, the informative presentations (such as feminine presentation expert Denaë Doyle, endocrinologist Dr. John O'Dea, and cosmetic surgeons Dr. Joel Beck, Dr. Toby Meltzer, and Dr. Douglas Ousterhout) and, of course the shopping, it was a great weekend. By all accounts of the conference, it was a success. For your perusal, I've added a few pictures of the outfits I wore that weekend.

feminine wigs for elegant crossdressers

Kathryn's Evil Twin Sister

Kathryn's Evil Twin Sister

July 17, 2010

A recurring theme in television series is the use of an “evil twin” (a.k.a. doppelganger) character as an antagonist. For male characters, this character usually sports a goatee while female characters will have brunette hair. My two favorite examples, both from 1960s sitcoms, are Sabrina's evil cousin Serena in Bewitched and Jeannie's evil sister Jeannie in I Dream of Jeannie. After receiving a long, curly brunette hairpiece from International Wig, I thought I would take some pictures of my own evil twin. While it was fun trying a different look, I worry about the trouble I would get into if I spent too much time on the dark side.

Kathryn wearing a brown sheath skirt and glossy nylons

Fashion and Fun - Esprit 2010

July 10, 2010

I've finally had a chance to get my pictures from the 2010 Esprit Transgender Conference posted. Seeing how much I spent on clothes this year, it would be a shame to not get these pictures up sooner. Among my favorite outfits from this year is a vintage inspired cocktail dress I found by the American designer Stop Staring and a lovely sheath dress that was custom tailored for me by Ravi of of Thailand. With only shopping days until Esprit 2012, it's not too early to begin getting ready for next year's festivities.

Kathryn wearing a sexy red skirt suit

Lady in Red – Today's New Neutral

May 19, 2010

Once an indicator of loose morals or extreme politics, the color red has gone mainstream as the "new Neutral." Today, women in red are found in banks, in court, at universities, and at cocktail parties are adorned in what was once considered a symbol of ire. With a well-known association with power, red is a color that we can turn to when we wish to make an impression. One study found that 80 percent of the top-30 businesswomen in the US wear a red suit or blazer to the office. "Red gives us a way to wear a bright color that is safe. It is bold, but it has become such a classic that it functions as a neutral," says Jackie Montgomery, a lecturer at New York City's Fashion Institute of Technology." Click here for recent pictures of me in a powerful red skirt suit with contrasting coffee colored glossy sheer pantyhose and a lovely pair of reptile print stiletto heels. While I'm not so sure how powerful I feel in this outfit, I do know it felt lovely just wearing it.

Kathryn in a Brocade Skirt Suit

Ladies who Lunch Skirt Suit

May 6, 2010

Although you wouldn't know it here in the Northwest, Spring is upon us. And that means dressy occasions galore: weddings, garden parties, lunch with ladyfriends. For something fancy yet out of the ordinary I found this elegant skirt suit by Kasper in a lovely ivory/beige/sage brocade fabric. Here are a few pictures of me modeling it with some glossy hosiery and a pair of soon-to-be-in-season white stiletto heels.

Ultra-Feminine Icon Dixie Carter

Julia Sugarbaker, RIP

April 10, 2010

Dixie Carter, a model for all who hope to be a true lady, passed away today at age 70. An actress, singer, and writer, she was best known for portraying matriarch Julia Sugarbaker in the situation comedy Designing Women (1986-1993). Her quick wit, Southern charm, and stately beauty landed her a host of roles on Broadway, the cinema, and television. Between roles, she also toured her critically and popularly acclaimed cabaret act.

Ms. Carter, as Julia Sugarbaker, was an inspiration to me personally. Obviously, her style has had a major influence upon my look. From her classy skirt suits and tasteful day dresses (she rarely wore slacks) to her signature sling-back high heels, Julia provided a model that many transgender ladies have strived to “femulate.” More importantly, though, she showed us that women can be refined and elegant while also being strong and principled. In character and in real-life, she was a bold, independent lady with a no-nonsense self-confidence, that, personally, I found very attractive. For me, Dixie Carter was an icon of femininity and feminism and she provided a model to which we should all aspire.

Famously Elegant Glossy Tights from Wolford

Buy 2, Get 1 Free on Wolford Satin Touch Tights

March 25, 2010

Now through March 31st, has a special deal on Wolford's best-selling pantyhose -- Wolford Satin Touch Tights -- When you purchase two pairs, you get your third pair free. These sheer-to-the-waist pantyhose are silky to the touch and have a lovely subtle shine that make them perfect for wearing under a cocktail dress or to accessorize a skirt suit on those days when you want to feel especially feminine at the office. If you've been dying to try out Wolford hosiery, now is your chance. And for those ladies who have already discovered Wolford's will certainly want to stock up with this special offer.

Lovely Matching Skirt, Hose, and Heels in Forest Green

Wearin' o' the Green

March 14, 2010

With St. Patrick's day approaching I thought I would try another monochrome look with some dark green ultra sheer pantyhose and matching suede stilettos. I love how the hose have a lovely tint that really pulls the outfit together. And while I'm sure it will be a while before dark green becomes the "new black," I don't think I'll wait until this holiday rolls around once more to wear this outfit again.

Ultra Feminine Tweed Sheath Dress

Fashions of the Early Sixties Return

March 1, 2010

Many ready-to-wear designers have offered dresses and suits reminiscent of the Camelot era over the past few years. For those of us who prefer more of an elegant look, this is a most welcomed trend because fashion reached the height of ultra-femininity in the early 1960s; gone were the unfortunate fads of the 1950s (poodle skirts and saddle shoes, to name a few) while the psychedelic hideousness of the summer of love lay over the horizon. Now, thanks to the influence of the television show Mad Men, the pretty, put together fashions of that era have reemerged.

You'll find many of the latest spring catalogs featuring styles that would have fit right in during the early 1960s. One of my favorites is an iconic princess seamed sheath dress in a lovely mauve tweed from Jessica London. More Joan Holloway than Betty Draper (you'll have to watch the show to understand), this dress features an empire waist, chain front detail with two button tabs, and a full lining for swishy sensuousness. You'll feel "just so" when you pair it up with the coordinating cropped textured tweed jacket with ladylike details including a rounded high collar, elbow-length sleeves, and oversized buttons. With this sophisticated outfit, a bouffant hairstyleBouffant Updo and Beehive Wigs for 1960s Crossdressers, a pair of pointy toed stilettosSexy Stiletto Pumps for Feminine Ladies and Sissies, and a steady hand with your liquid eyeliner is all you'll need to capture the classic sixties look for yourself.

Delicious Evening Sandals for Feminine Summer Evenings

Pretty Evening Sandals for Pedicure Season

February 13, 2010

Not that our East Coast sisters would know it, but the warm evenings of spring and summer will soon be upon us and that means it will once again be pedicure season. For those more dressy occasions you'll want to show off your pretty polished toesies in an alluring pair of evening sandals such as Andiamo's "Life" style sandals featuring shiny pearlized uppers, three inch heels, elastic-gored sling-straps, and pretty suede-like rosette across the insteps. These lovely sandals come in four colors (black, mint green, taupe, and purple) and a broad range of sizes and widths up to size 13 Wide Wide. With these in your feminine spring/summer wardrobe, your only worry will be about how offended the fashion mavens are going to be when you break the cardinal sin of wearing pantyhose with open-toed high heels.

Elegantly Feminine in a Classic Coatdress

New Pictures for 2010: The Coatdress

February 8, 2010

One of my resolutions for the New Year was to be better about updating my pictures and other content on these pages. After a busy January I've finally been able to add a new page for all the pictures I hope to post in 2010. The first shots are of me in an elegant coatdress. It is a shame that they are largely out of style today (save the occasional flight attendent, of course) because coatdresses are a versitile fashion choice that, with the right accessories, can easily take you from the office to an intimate night out on the town. The coatdress is in that wonderful middle ground between business and elegance that is both classy and sexy and it is a must for she who wishes to be both powerful and ladylike at the same time.

Classic Comfort Pumps to Size 14 Wide

Classy Large Size High Heels Alert!

January 10, 2010

Those of us who wear larger size high heels know how difficult it can be to find a comfortable fitting shoe that would be appropriate for somewhere other than the bedroom or a stripper pole. recently has listed a new selection of classy leather career pumps in sizes to 14 wide that don't scream "crossdresser." At last check, they came in 7 different colors/textures including red, navy, black, brown, and white kidskin leather, black patent leather, and black suede and they still have a number of pairs available in size 12 wide, size 13 wide, and size 14 wide. Hopefully you'll act quickly and get your feet into a few pair of these tasteful heels.

Forest Green Holiday Skirt Suit

Happy Holidays

December 24, 2009

In celebration of the holidays I took a few pictures in this oh so Christmas-y green brocade skirt suit with matching suede stiletto pumps and a pair of glossy sheer pantyhose. I do hope that your holidays are restful and peaceful and that Santa brings you all that your feminine heart desires.

Crossdressing Japanese Police Target Purse Snatchers

Only in Japan. . . and on Fictionmania

November 25, 2009

According to an Australian Broadcasting Corp. report on a story that first appeared in the Ashai Shimbun, a special police unit featuring crossdressed officers has been on duty in the Aichi prefecture in an effort to prevent purse snatching:

The all-male squad has been deployed since last month on night patrols wearing skirts and stockings and carrying eye-catching handbags as bait for potential thieves. . . . To qualify for the special squad, police have to be young, slim and hold the top rank of a black belt in a martial art such as karate or judo, the report said.

I know this sounds like a plot straight out of a Fictionmania story featuring a male detective required to dress up as a woman to go under cover (and then discovers that he loves dressing femininely), but it appears that purse snatching is a genuine concern in Aichi. For instance, on the police web site you'll find a list of prevention tips that all ladies would be wise to follow (including "Hold your belongings on the side away from the road" and "Put the strap of your purse across your back diagonally"). You can file this story as another example of "why crossdressing makes the world a better place."

Psychologists Support Pantyhose Wearing

Psychologists Recommend Pantyhose for the Office

October 9, 2009

Weighing in on the hose/no-hose controversy, an article in Psychology Today argues that pantyhose are an important part of your career wardrobe because they are a refining touch that adds to professional decorum. Of course, pantyhose are a must in traditional fields such as finance or law where formality is expected. But even in more 'creative' fields, wearing fine hosiery with a dress or skirt suit adds polish to an outfit to show everyone you mean business. As the author of the article points out:

. . . the extent that glaringly white legs are a distraction, it's then a work-related issue. Women will often say their bare legs look perfectly acceptable. What they don't notice are the raised eyebrows disbelieving colleagues direct their way.

I wasn't a psychology major in college, but I think that is their nice way of saying your officemates are laughing at you behind your back and that you might want to hit the hosiery section of favorite department store to stock up today.

Transgender Hair Removal Resources

Transgender Hair Removal Resources

September 15, 2009

Even for genetic women, facial and body hair is a problem. For transgender ladies, it's a bane of our existence. It can be a daily chore removing the hair on our legs while on our faces, despite the closest shave, the dreaded beard shadow is a sure tell for even the most passable among us. On this new addition to my transgender directory web-pages you'll find a number of resources that will make hair removal a little less painful, time-consuming, and expensive while leaving you looking sexy and feeling silky-smooth.

Classic Sheath Dress

Classic Sheath Dress

September 12, 2009

Now back in style thanks to our new First Lady, the sheath dress is a prominent feature in many fashion lines this fall. And why not? It can be dressed up with pearls for an elegant occasion, paired with a blazer for the office, or worn all by itself for a cool look on a warm day. I've added a few new pictures of me wearing a navy blue sheath dress with matching navy blue patent leather pumps and nude glossy pantyhose. Now only if I had the defined upper arms of the current matron of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!

Women Dressing Like Crossdressers

Trannylicious Advertising

September 10, 2009

While they might not actually be targeting the transgender community, the mainstream lingerie retailer HerRoom has a new web advertising campaign that certainly shows our influence on the women's fashion industry. Just how TG is it? First consider the models' outfits: a white blouse and black pencil skirt? If that isn't the budding crossdresser girls' favorite outfit, I don't know what is. Next, you'll notice the models are all wearing pantyhose. Since when do GGs wear pantyhose? And underwearing? Crossdressers invented that years ago, the only difference is that we've called it “underdressing.” Maybe the fashion world is finally starting to come around to the look that we've always known is stylish and sexy.

Lacy Silver Cocktail Dress

Lacy Silver Cocktail Dress

September 1, 2009

Here are a few new photos from earlier this year of me in a flirty little silver lace cocktail dress. I'm not sure if this is really my style or my color, but when paired up with lovely matching slingback evening heels by and a pair of nude ultra sheer nylons I think it is a great look for a girls' night out on the town.

Stunning Jacket Dress / Pant Suit Ensemble

New Fall Fashions

August 27, 2009

The new fall fashions are starting to appear in stores and on-line and, as usual, I'm going to have a difficult time not going wild with my credit cards buying every gorgeous outfit in sight. But there are a few 'must haves' that I surely won't mind going into debt over. First on my list is this stunning three-piece jacket dress / pant suit ensemble from Chadwick's of Boston. I may end up in bankruptcy court, but at least I'll look elegant when I get there!

Kathryn in a red dress suit

Ponte Knit Red Dress Suit

August 23, 2009

This outfit by Spiegel and their Shape FX collection features a red sleeveless dress with a matching jacket in a ponte knit fabric that wears and travels as good as it looks. In these pictures I've accessorized the outfit with a pair of black suede stilettos from and a pair of glossy Aristoc Ultra Shine 10 Denier Pantyhose.

Kathryn wearing a floral print sheath dress

Images of Kathryn Updated, Finally

July 20, 2009

It has been a busy 2009 for me and I've neglected these pages to some extent. For those of you who have been waiting, I've finally added some new pictures. These first new photos are from Esprit Gala 2009. It was difficult to decide which pictures to post because many of them came out so well. Hopefully you will not be too bored looking through the 19 shots I ultimately chose.

Kathryn wearing a burgundy colored skirt suit

Monochrome Burgundy Colored Outfit

November 27, 2008

Perhaps it was cranberries from Thanksgiving dinner that inspired me, but I've been wanting to put together a monochrome outfit in burgundy for some time now. The one item I had the most difficulty finding was matching hosiery and so I was delighted to find a pair of Hanes Ultra Sheer Pantyhose on eBay in a lovely shade of wine. I must say that I do like the results and that it's a nice change from other monochrome looks in black or navy. Of course, I took pictures to share with you and I do hope you like this look too.

Kathryn wearing glossy ultra sheer pantyhose

Fine European Hosiery

November 2, 2008

In Europe, where styles are quite a bit dressier than here in the US, women still appreciate what a pair of silky pantyhose can do to complete an outfit. With so many fabulous European brands of hosiery to choose from, it's no wonder. Fortunately, for those of us stranded here in Barelegistan, a number of internet retailers such as, My, and Bare Necessities offer the latest legwear fashions from across the globe. Recently I discovered the French hosiery retailer which offers many elegant styles of stockings and pantyhose (a.k.a., "tights" in Europe) in brands unavailable elsewhere. With a little help from the Google Translator I was able to order a few pairs of the Sublim Ultra Gloss Pantyhose by Dim that I am wearing in the new pictures I've posted here. Try a pair of these and you'll know why European women love dressy fashions.

Our Feminine Future

The New Feminized Majority

November 1, 2008

With election season finally closing out (thank heavens!!), the one book that I've read on the subject of politics that bears mention is The New Feminized Majority by Katherine Adam and Charles Derber. Though its title will have Fictionmania's fans heads spinning at the possibilities, this book isn't about a plan to solve our social and economic crises by putting everyone in dresses, heels, and hose. Instead, the authors look at how women's values meet the general interests of society and how embracing the values of cooperation, empathy, and an appreciation for equality will benefit us all. Adam and Derber argue that we are witnessing a cultural shift in which feminized values - the values into which women are socialized - have become the predominant guide for what will be long-term changes to a nation that will be brought together by compassion and no longer ruled by fear. I, for one, am hoping Adam and Derber are correct in their analyses; we will find out this Tuesday for sure.

Women who actually like wearing pantyhose

Pantyhose Season

October 15, 2008

Simcha, on her blog at The Frisky, writes about her delight over the onset of she calls "pantyhose season":

Fall is what I like to call pantyhose season. Nothing makes me feel more ladylike than silk, er synthetic, stockings. When it gets cold enough to wear them, they give me flawlessly smooth gams which in turn lets me wear even shorter skirts.

While I'm sure this sentiment is shared by frequent visitors to these pages, the above posting is remarkable because it is made by a real, genuine woman. I must say, it's great to see that there are still some ladies who appreciate what a fine pair of hose can do for our legs. Of course, for most of us here, every season is pantyhose season!

Kathryn in a 1980s style skirt suit

Weight Loss

October 11, 2008

If you've been visiting my pages for more than a few years, you've probably noticed a major change in my photos in 2008. Even those that are newcomers to my site can see the differences between my recent pictures and those from days gone by. Of course, I'm referring to all of the weight I've lost this year. With the help of Nutrisystem, as well as by cutting back on my pinot noir consumption, the pounds have literally melted away. Because I'm a bit embarrassed about it, I would rather not tell you how much I lost, but I can say that today I'm back to what I weighed 20 years ago. One of my inspirations has been to fit into some clothes I bought when I first became serious about dressing femininely but have been unable to wear because they were too small. There is one skirt suit in particular that I've kept hanging in my closet, hoping that I would someday be as slim as I was back in 1988 when I purchased it. Anyway, as you can see from these new pictures, it once again fits! With all the weight I've lost, it's actually one of my few outfits that I can wear. I guess that I'll have to spend the next couple of months burning up my credit card buying things to show off my new figure.

Sarah, Duchess of York in Pantyhose

Secrets of a Well-Prepared Royal

October 7, 2008

An article in the London Telegraph gives us a peek into the purse of Sarah, Duchess of York. As you might expect, she carries everything a well-turned out royal might need while out doing whatever it is royals do. In addition to her four cell phones (one for the UK, one for America, one for business, and one for e-mail), ‘Fergie’ also carries a spare pair of pantyhose as a backup in case of what the British call a "ladder." As any queen – or princess or duchess – could tell you, it always a good idea to have an extra pair of hose handy should you suffer a tragic run at an inopportune moment.

Kathryn in Glossy Pantyhose

Things, Issues, and Obsessions

September 21, 2008

As you might have guessed from looking at my pictures over they years, I have a bit of a “thing” for fine hosiery. O.K., so maybe it's a bit more than a “thing.” Maybe instead it's a “deep appreciation” for silky sheer pantyhose. But now that I've discovered Stocking Showcase and all of their exciting styles, this appreciation has the potential to turn into an “issue.” For instance, here are some new pictures of me wearing a pair of their Cecilia de Rafael brand pantyhose. Made in Spain, these 40 denier glossy pantyhose have a wonderfully silky feel and a lovely shine designed to bring out the best in a lady's legs. After wearing a pair of these, I'm starting to think that perhaps my “thing” is becoming an “obsession.”

Kathryn's Birthday Pictures

A Day of Beauty

August 10, 2008

Recently I celebrated my birthday (yes, that's right, my 29th) with a salon visit and then dinner with friends. For my day of beauty I visited Trixie's Beauty Bar in north Portland where I was treated to a facial, a brow tidy, make up, a manicure, and hair styling. The team at Trixie's – including hair stylist Tyler, nail tech Amber, and the owner and esthetician Tracy – were truly a delight. Although they are serious about making you look good, these ladies have entirely too much fun on the job which made my visit truly enjoyable. It's probably a good thing that birthdays only come around once a year, because a girl could get used to their pampering. After they worked their magic, I looked and felt fabulous!

Kathryn's Pictures from Esprit

Esprit 2008 Pictures

June 23, 2008

A few weeks ago I attended the Esprit Transgender Conference in Port Angeles, Washington. It was a wonderful week of fashion, self-discovery, sorority, beauty, and parties (especially parties). Click here for some pictures from that event.

Kathryn in Springtime Fashions

New Pictures for 2008

May 10, 2008

Spring is upon us and that means you need to put away all those stuffy sweaters and clunky boots you've been wearing for the last six months. It is time for you to rejoice and celebrate the warm sunshine with dresses in silky fabrics and blouses and skirts in pretty pastel colors. Add a strappy pair of sling-backs and some ultra sheer nylons and you are set for the season in ultra feminine style. I've started a new page of pictures for 2008 beginning with some shots of me feeling very springy in a lovely coral colored skirt suit. I hope that you'll like them and that you'll look forward for more to follow.

Wide Size High Heels for Crossdressers

Large and Wide Size High Heels Finder

April 20, 2008

It used to be that finding women's shoes in larger sizes was impossible. Today, however, there are many sources on the web offering elegant and stylish high heels in sizes to suit even the most difficult to fit. In fact, with so many on-line stores selling ladies shoes, it is difficult to know where to start. To make things a little easier, I've created a listing of 10 different sources of large and wide size footwear that includes links that will take you directly to each store's high heels in your size. With the provided chart, you'll no longer spend all day trying to find a pair of high heels that is stylish and comfortable.

Elegant Princess Mary

Mary: Princess of Style

April 15, 2008

An article in the Brisbane Courier Mail takes a look at the new book Mary: Princess of Style which details the style transformation of Mary Donaldson from laid back Tasmanian girl to the elegant Crown Princess of Denmark. In her reign, Princess Mary has gained a reputation as a fashion trendsetter, creating a style that is admired the world over. "As a Princess," she told a reporter from Vogue Magazine, "it is important that I look smart and elegant and appropriately dressed for every occasion." Signature elements of her style include tailored suits, pointed high heels, wide brimmed hats, and, of course, she almost always is seen wearing pantyhose or stockings in a natural shade. She truly is a royal role model for us all.

Interactive Map of Transgender Events

March 22, 2008

As the transgender community grows there are many more opportunities for us to come together to share ideas and experiences. Over the years, the number of transgender events has flourished, making attendance possible for the majority of us. By my count, there are now at least 13 multi-day events held coast to coast and lots of friendly places in between.

You'll find that taking part in a TG event is a great way to meet new friends who share common interests. Participants of conferences such as Esprit (in Washington State) or Southern Comfort (in Atlanta) usually find the experience very emotional and life changing. You'll definitely not feel so alone in your journey afterwards.

To make it a little easier for you to find a nearby event, I've created a Google map showing the TG events planned for the next year in the US. Clicking on a ruby shoe icon (could I have used anything else?) on the map will give you a link to the specific event website for further information.

Also, if you don't see your TG event on the map, please do send me the particulars and I will be happy to include it.

Crossdresser's Measuring Guide

Guide to Women's Clothing Sizes Added to Site

March 15, 2008

One of the more confusing things for beginning crossdressers is finding women's clothes and shoes that fit properly. It can get expensive for those gals that are just starting out who, through a process of trial and error, end up with clothes and shoes they just can't wear. Plus, when things don't fit right, they just don't look right. To try to help out those ladies who need help finding their size in women's clothes, I've added a Guide to Women's Clothing Sizes to this site. There you will find measurement charts and tips for fitting women's day and evening wear, lingerie, and high heels. I hope that you'll find it useful.

Classy High Heels For CDs with Larger Feet

Friedman's Shoes Spring 2008 Styles Now Available

March 8, 2008

Spring is in the air, and so are deliveries from the Friedman's Shoes Spring 2008 collection. They offer a lovely selection of large and wide size ladies high heels in styles - such as the stunning red and white ankle-strap spectator pump shown to the right - that are classy and elegant. And when you are in Atlanta for the Southern Comfort Conference you'll want to make sure to visit their downtown retail store; just remember to bring your credit card, because with all their great styles in sizes to 13 Wide, you are going to need it!

Sheer Pantyhose are Back in Fashion

Sheer Pantyhose Featured in Fall 2008 RTW Shows

March 1, 2008

From what fashion designers are showing on the runways of Paris, Milan, London, and New York, sheer pantyhose are finally coming back into fashion. A number of Fall 2008 Ready to Wear collections featured designs accessorized with black, brown, taupe, and even nude shades of pantyhose. It would appear that the designers are finally catching up with we transgendered ladies who have always known that sheer hosiery are de rigueur.

wear hose whenever the hell you feel like it

Fashion Guru Declares Sheer Hosiery Back in Style

February 23, 2008

In an advice column printed in today's Chicago Tribune, fashion expert Clinton Kelly declares that pantyhose and stockings are now back in style. As the star of TLC's What Not to Wear put it, "you can wear hose whenever the hell you feel like it!" Kelly suggests wearing nude hose for smooth, blemish-free legs. However, he cautions, you need to choose a shade that is as close as possible to your skin tone for the best look. Kelly also recommends black hose, opaque tights, or fishnet stockings as the outfit dictates; "if you'd like the world to know that you're wearing hose, that's cool." Finally, some fashion advice that T-girls can live with.

Transgender Pantyhose Princess Kathryn in a Little Black Dress

New Pictures, Finally!

February 17, 2008

I know, I know... It's been a while since I've updated my pictures. For those of you who have been waiting, here are a couple of picture sets including pictures from the 2007 Esprit Conference as well as a classic little black dress accessorized with silky nude hose and a cute little curly hairpiece. I do hope that they were worth the wait.

Transgernder Pantyhose Princess Kathryn in a Silky Blouse

Long Enough Long Sleeves

May 25, 2007

One of the most difficult things about being a tall gal is finding blouses with sleeves that are long enough. It isn't like with skirts where a little bit short is just O.K. So I was happy to discover the online eBay outlet of the retailer Long Elegant Legs. It's a dream to find stylish fashions that really fit at wonderful prices. Here are a few new pictures of me in one of their lovely styles.

New Photos of Transgender Pantyhose Princess Kathryn

Finally, An Update

April 15, 2007

It's been a crazy busy year for me with a number of big changes on the horizon. As such, I have been neglecting this site. For those of you who have been waiting, I've added a few new pictures with, hopefully, more to follow.

New Pictures Added

November 25, 2006

I've added a few new pictures from earlier this year including photos of the after effects of a beauty salon visit in Las Vegas and a set of pictures showing how a pair of glossy pantyhose can glam up your everyday business wardrobe.

Reason No. 64 for Wearing Pantyhose or Stockings

October 17, 2006

Over the past few years it has become fashionable to wear dresses and skirts without pantyhose or stockings. It has gotten to the point in some circles that nylons are a definite don't! One of the main instigators of this unfortunate trend is Sarah Jessica Parker of Sex and the City fame. Carrie Bradshaw, Parker's character on that extremely popular show, basically lived in Manolo Blahnik high heel sandals without the benefit of sheer hosiery. Of course, just because something is fashionable doesn't mean that it looks attractive. A comparison of Ms. Sex and the City's feet with and without hose is a case in point (see picture below). I mean really, the callus and swollen vein look is neither sexy nor fashionable. Perhaps someday she will regain her senses and learn what all crossdressers already know: pantyhose and stockings make your legs and feet look much more beautiful.

Sarah Jessica Parker's Gnarly FeetWhich is more attactive?Sarah Jessica Parker Looking Good in Sheer Hosiery

Pictures Updated

October 1, 2006

By request, I've finally taken the time to update my pictures. Follow the Images of Kathryn link to the left to view 32 new pictures from this year. Hopefully I won't take so long to update the next time.

¡viva Las Vegas!

August 21, 2006

Last night I returned from a two week vacation, part of which I spent in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. For the shopping, the nightlife, and the chance to soak up the sun, Vegas is one of my favorite places to visit. It's a great destination for the transgender woman looking for a glitzy and glamorous getaway to a place where almost anything goes. It's as they say... “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

For variety and value, shopping in Las Vegas is a sure bet. You'll find two different outlet malls in Vegas. To the north of the Las Vegas strip is the Las Vegas Premium Outlets center featuring upscale designer shops including a Wolford Hosiery boutique. A few miles from the south end of the strip you'll find the Las Vegas Outlet Center which offers 130 different merchants such as Liz Claiborne, Calvin Klein, Jones New York, and Hanes/Leggs Hosiery all within indoor air conditioned comfort. For even greater bargains, you'll want to make sure to visit the Fantastic Indoor Swapmeet which features a number of merchants offering costume jewelry, accessories, cosmetics, high heels, club wear, and six different merchants selling wigs (including the eBay favorite Vegas Girl Wigs). Open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, this swapmeet is truly a crossdresser’s supermarket. Even the airport in Las Vegas offers great shopping values; while you are waiting on your baggage you’ll want to visit the Bijoux Terner boutique which offers fashionable accessories at a great value including watches, evening purses, belts, jewelry, and many other accessories all for only $10 each.

Before you head out on the town in Vegas you’ll want to treat yourself to a visit to one of the many fine salons in town. On this trip I discovered the A Harmony Nail Spa, a TG friendly salon which offers the usual manicures and pedicures as well as facials, waxing, cosmetic makeovers, and an entire range of hair care services (including coloring and perms as well as formal up-dos and roller sets). While there I had an updo by Gladys followed by a wonderful manicure done by Paula. The next time you are in Las Vegas you will want to plan ahead and make an appointment with one or both of these delightful ladies. They are open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., with special appointments available by request.

Once you are all dolled up and ready for a night on the town you'll find an amazing array of places to party. Aside from the various lounges and night clubs in the casinos and resorts, there are many night clubs that are much more trans-friendly. For starters, you might want to visit one of the gay and lesbian bars off of Paradise down on the “fruit loop” such as Gipsy or Suede. Or you could visit the notorious Las Vegas Lounge.

My favorite place for a night on the town in Las Vegas is Zingers Night Club. This friendly yet sophisticated and elegant lounge, offering “old style” Las Vegas entertainment at its finest, is a favorite of the transgender crowd. On Friday and Saturday nights Zingers features the music of Ms. Karin Denise and her All Star Sin City Band. You are sure to enjoy dancing and socializing the night away at Zingers where it’s like Vegas used to be.


August 1, 2006

After a number of years of the old style, I felt it was time for a change here. The whole brown and pink color scheme was getting a bit old, if you ask me. So, I've decided to change things up a bit here with a redesign. I've brightened up the color scheme, cleaned up a bunch of the links, and added a few new resources.

You'll notice to your left the main menu items for my site. I still have listed my ever popular shopping pages as well as links to a few photos of myself (if you are so inclined). A new feature I've added is a set of links to some of my favorite places on the web. While my “Favorites” section is still a work in progress, I do plan on adding onto it fairly regularly so that others might visit some of the best places on the web for transgendered women.

Joan Holloway, Ultra-Feminine Icon

You are Joan Holloway, Office Manager

At the office, you're in control and fast with a quip. You're sassy and complicate. You know exactly what your best assets are -- and how to dress to show them off. You're very desirable, and you might even say you've got a few things in common with Marilyn Monroe. You worry about how you might end up, leading to compromises in your personal life, where your control seems to be slipping lately.

Which MadMen Character Are You?

You are a 1950s Diva

High heels, pretty dresses, classic makeup... You're a feminine beauty who knows how to play up her assets!

What Decade Diva Are You?

Your City is Paris

You are low key and elegant. You secretly believe you're the best, but you don't have to run around proving it to everyone. You live a simple life, but your life is anything but provincial or backwards. You are extremely cosmopolitan. Without trying to, you wear the chicest clothes, read the most interesting books, and eat the best tasting food. Many people try to imitate your style, but they fail miserably. There's no substitute for you.

What's Your City?

You Are 84% Girly

When the term “girly girl” was invented, they were thinking of someone like you. You're a feminine and sweet and very high maintenance lady, but you're worth it!

How Girly Are You?

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