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Here are my latest photos as well as the pictures I've been posting on the web since 1996 (16 years!?!). Over the years I have worked to improve my feminine image and I feel like I have truly developed an elegant, ladylike style. Being transgendered has become a real source of joy in my life and I love being able to share it with you. Click on one of the photos below to follow my wonderful journey through the years.

Click here for pictures from 2011 2011: This year promises lots of changes with many new adventures and feminine delights. Stay tuned here for the newest pictures featuring my latest looks and styles.
Click here for pictures from 2010 2010: A new decade and lots of new femme adventures. For your perusal, here you will find the latest photos; I do hope you like them.
Click here for pictures from 2009 2009: I've been enjoying the slender new me in 2009. One of the upsides of losing weight is all the shopping I've had to do for a new wardrobe. You'll find lots of photos of many of my new outfits here.
Click here for pictures from 2008 2008: This year marks a new beginning for me. I've left Alaska and am now living near the transgender Mecca of Portland, Oregon. Being someplace a little more accepting has given me a new lease on life and, hopefully, lots of new experiences to share with you here.

Click here for pictures from 2007 2007: It's been a busy year for me with lots of changes in the works. But finally, for those of you who have been waiting, here are some new pictures.
Click here for pictures from 2006 2006: For everyone who has been asking for updates, these are my latest photos. Included are shots from my annual trip to the Esprit Gala in Port Angeles, Washington as well as pictures from my adventures in Las Vegas.
Click here for pictures from 2004 and 2005 2004-2005: Here are a number of great shots from 2005 including some from a wonderful trip I took to Portland, Oregon (the transgender capital of America). You'll also find pitcures from my time living in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2004, including a few shots from the TGSF Cotillion.
Click here for pictures from 2000 through 20032000-2003: During these years I had many adventures including trips to Esprit, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Orlando as well as attendance at the Southern Comfort Conference in Atlanta, Georgia (the largest event of its type for crossdressers and other transgender women). Click on the photo to the left to view these pictures.
Click here for pictures from 1996 through 19991996-1999: These are photographs from my early years on the web. You will find photos from my first "glamour" shots session, pictures from my trips to Esprit, as well as some shots taken with my first digital camera (how many has it been now.. 4 or 5?).

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All dressed up and no place to go?? Join us at the Esprit Gala,
May 15-22, 2011
in Port Angeles, Washington.The most fabulous event for crossdressers and transgendered women in the Pacific Northwest

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