Pantyhose and Stockings

Dressing up wouldn't be nearly as wonderful as it is without sheer hosiery. Wearing silky pantyhose and stockings is a big part of what makes crossdressing such a sensual experience.

Not only do pantyhose and stockings feel delightful, but they are also an important part of completing that special look you are trying to create. The right pair of nylons can really make your outfit. Depending on the occasion, here are some of my favorite brands and styles of pantyhose:

Levante Glossy Pantyhose

Friday night out on the town with your girlfriends? For a sensual look that gets noticed every time, my favorite hose are ultra sheer glossy pantyhose and stockings. Popular in Europe, these shiny pantyhose will make your legs look fabulous.

Among the many brands of glossy pantyhose available, my favorite are Levante Class Tights. They come in a number of shades and are available in sizes from petite to extra tall.

Silk Reflections Pantyhose are a Crossdresser Favorite

Whether it's a big important meeting or perhaps a lunch date with a dear friend, nothing is classier than a pair of silky sheer pantyhose or stockings under a tailored skirt suit.

My very favorite pantyhose are silky sheer Hanes Silk Reflections. They are soft, sheer, with a subtle sheen that adds polish to any outfit, and they feel very silky. With colors to match any skin tone, their regular and plus sizes are sure to fit ladies of all figure types.

Window shopping on a crisp, cool fall afternoon? Or how about a visit to the library or bookstore to find that latest best seller? For style and warmth, nothing is as tasteful as a classy pair of opaque tights with a wool skirt and a pair of boots or chunky heels.

My favorites are Berkshire Sheer To Waist Opaque Pantyhose. They retain their shape and they are available in many lovely shades to match almost any outfit in your winter wardrobe.

A candlelit dinner at home, or perhaps an evening at the opera or the theater with your someone special? As any crossdresser knows, such moments call for a sexy pair of stockings. While pantyhose are a wonderful option for most occasions, sometimes you need something a little sexier.

For an intimate evening my favorite hose are Levee Satin Sheers Stockings. These glorious soft and sheer hold ups feature silky sheer legs with a gorgeous lace top. Try a pair. You'll love them too.

For many occasions, all you really need are pantyhose that are comfortable, that fit well, and that are a good value. For the office, for school, or for shopping on weekends what you want are pantyhose that look good but without costing a fortune.

For my money, the most comfortable and fashionable affordable affordable pantyhose for everyday wear are Berkshire Silky Lycra Pantyhose. They are sheer yet durable, lasting for many wearings. They are available in both control top and non-control top styles for both average and plus size ladies.

Over the years I've also found a number of wonderful merchants on-line that carry any type of hosiery a crossdresser could desire. From bargain brands to the finest luxury pantyhose and stockings, these are my favorite places on the web to buy hosiery:

One Hanes Place: My favorite source for pantyhose. Offering most styles of Hanes hosiery in all size ranges and the best prices on Silk Reflections, which are my (and many other crossdressers') favorite pantyhose of all.

Over the past few years I've discovered some of lovliest styles of hosiery from Europe. Even though American women have stopped wearing pantyhose and stockings (and dressing with much taste in general), European women continue their classy and stylish ways. carries a wonderful selection of tights (what they call pantyhose) and stockings from Europe's finest hosiery designers.

If it's traditional full fashioned stockings you desire, I recommend that you visit Secrets in Lace for a wide range of classic stockings for crossdressers and other women at very reasonable prices. They also offer a nice selection of bullet bras, girdles, and 6 strap garter belts along with their ever popular seamed nylons. This could be the most feminine site on the net. is a great company that offers pantyhose and stockings found in few other places. They feature top quality hosiery from Europe's finest designers including Fogal, Pretty Polly, Filodoro, Cette, Philippe Matignon, Sarah Borghi, and Consay. If you want to spend $130 on a pair of luxury pantyhose, this is the place to go.

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sensual and classy pantyhose for crossdressers

Shiny, Gloss Pantyhose

Pretty Polly Italia 15 Denier Sheer Gloss Tights Pretty Polly Italia 15 Denier Sheer Gloss Pantyhose
Sheer gloss pantyhose that make for a perfect accessory to a fun night out!
Pretty Polly Nylons Tights Pretty Polly Nylons Pantyhose
High shine glamorous pantyhose, great for evening or smart daywear. LycraŽ
Levante Class Tights  Levante Class Pantyhose
Long lasting glossy pantyhose with Lycra, great for everyday or evening. Xxtall fits heights up to 6'2".

Ultra Sheer Pantyhose

Pretty Polly Italia 10 Denier Ultra Sheer Tights Pretty Polly Italia 10 Denier Ultra Sheer Pantyhose
Elegant, ultra sheer pantyhose from Pretty Polly. Perfect for everyday and evening wear. LycraŽ
Perfectly Natural Sun-Oil Sheen Tights Perfectly Natural Sun-Oil Sheen Pantyhose
These sun oil sheen pantyhose make your legs look as though they have just been moisturised - making them almost irresistible. Lycra.

Day Sheer Pantyhose

Levante eXtra Tights Levante eXtra Pantyhose
Comfortable pantyhose for the fuller figure (size 20 plus), with no extra back panel. Durable, high quality and good value for money. LycraŽ
Pretty Polly Italia 30D Semi Sheer Tights Pretty Polly Italia 30D Semi Sheer Pantyhose
These 30 Denier pantyhose are very comfortable and have a lovely soft shine finish.