The titles listed below are recommended for those individuals who are still coming to terms with their crossdressing and for those individuals that love them. These books will help you to realize that you are not all alone out there and that life as a crossdresser can definitely be fulfilling. Also listed below are a couple of selections of serious fiction written with a TG audience in mind. 

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Cherry Single; A Transvestite Coming of Age

by Valory Gravois, 1997 

The fictional, though realistic, story of a young crossdresser coming of age, of the women who enter his life, and his evolution into a transgendered person who eventually ventures out into society.

"Cherry Single ... confronts transvestite sexuality without flinching and without gratuity ... At last, a serious work of fiction about a character we can believe in, experience pain and joy with ... and feel good about. The hero/ine, David and Natalie Nunley ... takes a journey that many emerging crossdressers will relate to ... (Cherry Single) delivers an after-glow that lasts for a week -- a crossdressing journey with a happy ending." - Sharon Stuart, nationally-known transgender rights advocate.

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The Bliss of Becoming One!: Integrating 'Feminine' Feelings into the Male Psyche Mainstreaming the Gender Community

by Rachel Miller, 1996 

A frank book aimed at those who have suppressed their true selves and live in pain and isolation. Rachel encourages crossdressers to integrate their feminine and masculine traits, to understand themselves better, and to embrace what they find.

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Crossdressers: And Those Who Share Their Lives

by Peggy J. Rudd, 1995

Featuring the true stories and pictures of over 50 crossdressers and those who share their lives, this book provides an intimate view of their lives and suggests a number of strategies for copules dealing with this issue.

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Crossdressing With Dignity: The Case for Transcending Gender Lines

by Peggy J. Rudd, 1990 

A book which hopes to help men who wish to openly express their femininity to maintain a sense of self-worth and dignity.

From the Author :
"As a helping professional and the wife of a man "who crosses gender lines", my goal in writing this book was to address the emotions that surface when men transcend gender lines. I believe this book will help crossdressers overcome the emotions of guilt, fear, denial, hostility, and loneliness. As crossdressers move forward to inner peace and a sense of personal dignity, they will realize richer and more complete lives."

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My Husband Wears My Clothes: Crossdressing from the Perspective of a Wife

by Peggy J. Rudd, 1994

A "must read" for anyone in a transgendered relationship, this book addresses many of the questions frequently asked by the friends, families, and spouses of men who crossdress as well as candidly exploring the related emotions that range from frustration to elation. Through her example as the wife of a crossdresser, Dr. Rudd demonstrates that total acceptance is both possible and rewarding. 

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The Man in the Red Velvet Dress: Inside the World of Cross-Dressing

by J. J. Allen, 1996 

Written by a longtime cross-dresser and past president of Powder Puffs of California, The Man in the Red Velvet Dress provides an insider's view of the complex world of crossdressng. Allen looks at the reasons given by crossdressers to explain their behavior and takes a stab or two at the sacred cows held by the transgendered community. 

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Miss Vera's Finishing School for Boys Who Want to Be Girls

by Veronica Vera, 1997

"As we boldly step toward the new millennium, many more of us will be doing it in high heels," declares Veronica Vera, creator and founder of Miss Vera's Finishing School for Boys Who Want to Be Girls in New York City. 

Miss Vera has helped hundreds of would-be femmes blossom through her expert instruction in the arts of dressing up, making up, going out, and acting like a lady. In her new book, she shares her priceless wisdom with the world. 

"How marvelous! A book so politically progressive as to elevate feminine characteristics to an ideal men would want to emulate. Brava Miss Vera!" - Candida Royale, Femme Productions, Inc.

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Bad As I Wanna Be 

by Dennis Rodman & Tim Keown, 1997 

Once you get past the hype and the shock of this autobiography by the NBA's most controversial and provocative player you'll discover the story of one person who has come to terms with his/her identity and is living life without the self-imposed constraints so many of us carry.

"Everything I do is about confidence. After years of struggling with my identity . . . I've become totally confident about being who I am. I can go out to a salon and have my nails painted pink, and then go out and play in the NBA, on national television, with pink nails." - Dennis Rodman. 

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Bad As I Wanna Dress: The Unauthorized Dennis Rodman Paper Doll Book 

by Danny Smythe & Dennis Rodman, 1997 

Choose Dennis' hair color, give him more tattoos, or find a suitable outfit to cover his darling bra and panties.

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String of Pearls: Stories About Cross-Dressing

by Tony Ayres, 1996 

Collected by Australian writer and filmmaker Tony Ayres, you are sure to enjoy these provocative and sexy stories about crossdressing. His tales of boys being girls and girls being boys touch upon themes of sexual ambiguity, clothing as fetish and ritual, and disguise as a vehicle for unveiling hidden truth. 

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