Bartlett Democratic Club
Speakers in 1998

Thursday - December 24, 1998 thru December 31, 1998

Holiday Break -- No Meetings

Thursday - December 17, 1998

1998 Festive Christmas Celebration and Annual Elections.

Thursday - December 10, 1998

Featured Speaker: Michelle Coburn & Malcolm Ford, Board Members -- "The Anchorage Citizens' Coalition."

Thursday - December 3, 1998

Featured Speakers: Sue Dogget, Adult Learning Center, Marquita Pierre-Nuriddin, Division of Public Assistance, and Representatives Allen Kemplen and Eric Croft -- "The Walk-A-Mile Project."

Thursday - November 26, 1998

Happy Thanksgiving! -- No meeting scheduled.

Thursday - November 19, 1998

2nd Annual Banquet, 6:30pm - 8:30pm: "Reminiscing About the Good Old Days" with Entertainment by The Windsong Quartet.

Thursday - November 12, 1998

Featured Speaker: Joell Hall, Executive Dir, Alaska Democratic Party, -- "APOC Rulings on Club Status" and discussion & adoption of revised Bartlett Democratic Club Constitution and Bylaws.

Thursday - November 5, 1998

Featured Speaker: Ivan Moore, Anchorage Pollster, -- "Election '98 Results: How Did It Happen?"

Thursday - October 29, 1998

Featured Speakers: Bob Bell, Assemblyman, and Vic Fischer, former legislator, -- "Ballot Measure 3: Constitutional Amendment to Reorganize Apportionment Board, Pro & Con" and Brian Porter, Representative, and Max Gruenberg, former Representative, -- "Ballot Measure 7: Term Limits Pledge for Candidates, Pro & Con."

Thursday - October 22, 1998

Featured Speakers: Katy Coelho, Alaskans Against Billboards -- "Ballot Measure 5: An Act Prohibiting Billboards" and Kneeland Taylor, Alaskans Against Snaring Wolves -- "Ballot Measure 9: Bill Prohibiting Trapping Wolves with Snares."

Thursday - October 15, 1998

Featured Speaker: April Ferguson, Bristol Bay Native Corp. Gen. Council, Susan Fischetti, Alaskans for a Common Language, and Mike Travis, AK Assoc. for Bilingual Education -- "Ballot Measure 6: Requiring Government to Use English, Pro & Con."

Thursday - October 8, 1998

Featured Speakers: Kristina Johannes, Alaska Family Coalition, and Allison Mendel, spokesperson for 'No on 2' -- "Ballot Measure 2: Constitutional Amendment Limiting Marriage, Pro & Con."

Thursday - October 1, 1998

Featured Speaker: Lori Jo Oswald, former member of the Animal Control Advisory Board -- "Should There be a Voice Control Element to the Anchorage Leash Law?"

Thursday - September 24, 1998

Featured Speaker: Mim Chapman, former Clark Junior High Principal, -- "Celebrating Diversity in our Schools."

Thursday - September 17, 1998

Featured Speakers: John Rubini, Alaska Civil Liberties Union, and Mike Frank, Trustees for Alaska, debate -- "The Constitutionality of the Alaska Campaign Finance Reform Law."

Thursday - September 10, 1998

Featured Speakers: Sam Shepard and Michelle Gearhart, Alaska Young Democrats -- "The Young Democrats Place in Alaska Politics."

Thursday - September 3, 1998

Featured Speakers: Debbie Ossiander, Anchorage School Board Member and Ted Carlson, Assemblymember -- "Can the Municipal Assembly Punish the School Board for Funding Decisions?"

Thursday - August 27, 1998

Main Feature: The Band Evergreen will play "Wonderful Irish Music" to Celebrate Primary Election Results.

Thursday - August 20, 1998

Featured Speaker: Joe Sonneman, Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate -- "What Democrats Do for Alaska and Positive Programs for Progressives."

Thursday - August 13, 1998

Featured Speaker: Pat Abney, Assemblymember, Anchorage Municipal Assembly -- "Planning and the Development of Anchorage."

Thursday - August 6, 1998

Featured Speakers: August Primary Candidates for the Alaska State Legislature from Anchorage Districts.

Thursday - July 30, 1998

Featured Speaker: Doug Keil -- "The Courage to Try - Overcoming Disabilities."

Thursday - July 23, 1998

Featured Speaker: David Finkelstein, former Alaska State Legislator -- "The Medical Marijuana Initiative."

Thursday - July 16, 1998

Featured Speakers: Candidates for the August Primary from House Districts 11 (Turnagain), 14 (Elmendorf/N. Mt. View), 21 (University), 22 and 23 (Northeast Anchorage).

Thursday - July 9, 1998

Featured Speaker: Kneeland Taylor, principal proponent and member of the Initiative Committee for Alaskans Against the Snaring of Wolves -- "Status of the Wolf Snaring Initiative"

Thursday - July 2, 1998

Featured Speaker: Roundtable Discussion -- Open Topic.

Thursday - June 25, 1998

Featured Speaker: Joelle Hall, Executive Director, Alaska Democratic Party -- "The Past Legislative Session and Plans for the Upcoming Election."

Thursday - June 18, 1998

Featured Speakers: Candidates for the Primary Election from Senate District J and House Districts 17, 18 and 19.

Thursday - June 11, 1998

Featured Speakers: Senator Johnny Ellis and Rep. Allen Kemplen -- "Reflections on the Recent Regular and Special Legislative Sessions."

Thursday - June 4, 1998

Featured Speaker: Paula M. Haley, Executive Director, AK State Human Rights Commission -- "Human Rights in Alaska as we Approach the Turn of the Century."

Thursday - May 28, 1998

Featured Speaker: Jamie Kenworthy, Executive Director, AK Science & Technology Foundation - "The Foundation's Impact on Alaska's Economy."

Thursday - May 21, 1998

Featured Speakers: Representatives Eric Croft and Ethan Berkowitz -- "An Overview of the Just Completed Legislative Session and Subsistence & the Upcoming 1998 Special Session."

Thursday - May 14, 1998

Featured Speakers: Lee Jordan, Editor of the "Alaska Star" and Ed Carroll, Editor of "The Anchorage Press" -- "In the Shadow of the Anchorage Daily News: How the Weeklies Found a Niche."

Thursday - May 7, 1998

Featured Speaker: Ivan Moore, Campaign Consultant -- "Election 98 - The Rest of the Story."

Thursday - April 30, 1998

Featured Speaker: Pam Miller, Alaska Community Action on Toxics -- "Making a Link: Environmental Health, Contaminants & Health Concerns in Alaska."

Thursday - April 23, 1998

Featured Speaker: Lance Wilber, MOA Planning Department -- "Overview of the Newly Released Anchorage Transportation Plan with Emphasis on the Tudor/Lake Otis Intersection."

Thursday - April 16, 1998

Featured Speakers: Candidates for Anchorage Municipal Assembly Seat F (Mid-Town - Patrick Fullerton, Bruce Webb & George Wuerch) and Assembly Seat H (East Anchorage - Steven R. Fowler, Melinda Taylor & John Wood).

Thursday - April 9, 1998

Featured Speakers: Candidates for Anchorage School Board Seat A ( Pamela Bickford, Bettye Davis, Kate Giard, R.B. Laundi, Russell Mjolsnes & Mary Alice Stouffer) and Seat B ( Judy Anderson & Kathi Gillespie).

Thursday - April 2, 1998

Featured Speakers: Candidates for Anchorage Municipal Assembly Seat A (Chugiak/Eagle River - Dan Kendall), Assembly Seat D (West Anchorage - Fay Von Gemmingen) and Assembly Seat J (South Anchorage - Henry Penny & Pat Abney).

Thursday - March 26, 1998

Featured Topic: Discussion of Municipal and School Bonds on Upcoming Ballot.

Thursday - March 19 1998

Featured Speakers: Edgar Paul Boyko and Fern Chandonnet, Pro & Con -- "English as the Official Language."

Thursday - March 12, 1998

Featured Speaker: Alden Todd -- "Woodrow Wilson's Most Democratic Appointment."

Thursday - March 5, 1998

Featured Speaker: Mark Begich, Chair, Anchorage Assembly -- "The Anchorage Assembly, Past and Future."

Thursday - February 26, 1998

Featured Speakers: Joe Graham & Max Gruenberg -- "Should the Ninth Circuit Federal Court Be Split?"

Thursday - February 19, 1998

Featured Speaker: Jay Vrause, Director, Organization for Northern Development -- "The Permanent Fund Dividend and the Future of Responsible Social Reinvestment."

Thursday - February 12, 1998

Featured Speaker: Janis Leinhart, Executive Director, Victims for Justice -- "How the Criminal Justice System Responds to Victims Rights."

Thursday - February 5, 1998

Featured Speaker: In Celebration of Black History Month, George T. Harper, Historian -- "The History of Blacks in Alaska."

Thursday - January 29, 1998

Featured Speaker: Carol Seckel, President, Planned Parenthood -- "Legal and Moral Issues Regarding Roe vs. Wade"

Thursday - January 22, 1998

Featured Speaker: Dennis McMillian, Executive Director, United Way of Anchorage -- "What Should the Private Sector Do To Make Welfare Reform Work?"

Thursday - January 15, 1998

Featured Speaker: Calvin Maryland, Community Liaison for the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation -- "Housing for All Alaskans."

Thursday - January 8, 1998

Featured Speaker: Jack Roderick, former Anchorage Mayor & author of -- "Crude Dreams: A Personal History of Oil & Politics in Alaska."

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