These are the Berry Sweet outfits I have saved since I was little.
My favorite is the pink pajamas with fuzzy slippers.




Berry Beachy Outfit

Included: Swim Suit and Wrap Skirt




Berry Sweet Party Outfit

Included: White flower Dress and Pink socks

Also: Small pink Tu-Tu for pet*
*Not pictured






Berry Quaint Peasant Dress

Included: Purple floral dress,purple ring style hat, and purple shoes





Berry Good Night Pajama Set

Included: Green stripe nightgown and stripe night bonnet

Also: Green stripe night cap for pet



Berry Sunny Garden Outfit

Included: Green and white spot pants, red top with white lace, yellow shoes, and yellow faux straw hat ring




Berry Patch Sun Suit Set

Included: Red sun suit, green felt faux leaf hat ring, red open basket style shoes





Berry Sleepy Pajama Set

Included: Pink and white doted bonnet, pink night gown, and fuzzy white slippers.






Berry Rainy Day Raincoat Set

Included: Red rain jacket with yellow berry trim and yellow rain "boots" more like socks







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