The S-10 Webpage

... Sorry for the basic page, it's all I've had time for..




All sounds were taken from a 8mm video camera, and lined-in to the computer.. file sizes are bigger than they should be, but count that for novice user fault.  Video was 8feet away from rear corner, and the truck was cold..




Added 3-26-02

This time the truck was warmer, most of these clips are for my bragging rights, not for a demo of what the truck can do.  Still waiting on the drive-by sounds, and the 8mm video camera doesn't capture bass that well, so I learned today... 








Added 4-11-02

Here's the photo of the truck before anything was done to it, the day after we bought it...



Added 4-12-02

List of mods!!  Finally... 

1991 S-10 4x4 Pickup, Extended cab, 4.3l Z engine, 5 speed, Maroon with matching vinyl bucket seats in front.
K&N filtercharger, Poweraid spacer, Bosch 4+ spark plugs, Ac Delco high performance wires, 14" eFan by Thinline, Stage2 Jet Chip, 180 degree thermostat, high performance water pump...
Edelbrock shorty headers, into high flow cat, through to KC performance muffler, then to y-pipe and to dual exhaust with expensive oval tips!
Hurst shifter, Kenwood Excelon deck, Orion 500 watt amp pushing a single 12" Rockford Fosgate Hx2 gen 2 sub.. Pioneer 4x10's in the back, 4x6's in the dash, Dynomat along extended cab portion of the cab, more to come...
Xenon H4 diamond conversion headlights, clear APC lenses in the front, stock black rims on 235's, APC carbon fiber altezzas, cool looking 'S-10' stickers in the back window good for an additional 20hp...
2001 CompuStar 2000AS Remote Start / Alarm system
Cowl hood, Edelbrock IAS shocks, Edelbrock valve covers, Edelbrock oil cap and Edelbrock manifold, MSD ignition, Holley Throttle Body, Pistons, Heads, porting, all emissions legal.. Then we'll see about my Twin Turbo conversion... Air Ride suspension, new front fenders, new rear bumper, tonneau cover, 
I'm guessing pretty slow, going to the 1/4 mile for the first time this summer....


Added 4-13-02

TRUCK IS BROKEN!!!!   Transmission is clicking, sounds like I've got metal baseball cards in the wheels.  (yes.  I know they don't exist.)  BUT THAT'S WHAT IT SOUNDS LIKE.  I'm sick of it, going to wait till Monday then let the professionals look at it, so till then, no driving.



Truck is running awesome again, got the headers tightened and the oil lines replaced last Friday.  Changed the oil and put 500 miles on the truck in the last 3 days.  Looking for a new chip now.  Finally decided on what kind of system I'm going to get... Keeping it under wraps till I get the details worked out.  Hopefully it'll still be emissions legal, have to talk with a couple of people at the local speed shop and the emissions station to find out the details. 

Finally got some pictures taken of it, should be up late tomorrow night.  Went for a drive with the local Subaru club last weekend, it was a beautiful day and the truck was looking clean, so had to take advantage.