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Ragin’ Cajun



Overall Coloration: Extremely balanced vintage tone with a little country honk and a touch of blues. Genre of Music: Country, Blues, Bluegrass and Funk

Very loud, touch-sensitive and responsive with nice bell-sounding top end and a little bite. Genre of Music: American Rock, Blues and Country

Overall Coloration: Very loud, gutsy, and meaty tone with singing highs and nice, clear overtones. Genre of Music: British Rock and Blues, Country, Jazz

The Copperhead and Ramrod are both excellent with lots of power handling as a bonus.

Copperhead= deadly balanced 10" with great emphasis on the strat 2&4 position (not usually my faves) and lots of "up front" presence without harshness...again plenty of headroom.

I also got Ragin Cajun on my Princeton and Vibrolux.
Ragin Cajun is 10 inch speaker. But this one got big sound. And nice from top to bottom. And no funny high-mids. Smooth sound. I really liked. Tight bottom and clear top. Much louder.

Ramrod, I put those in closed cab, so it's hard to tell compare to Rajin Cajun. I like this speakers too. Maybe Ramrod got a bit brighter? Both 10 inch speakers are great. I keep these too.

The Copperhead has more presence and the best balance I have heard in a 10", the Ramrod is thicker and gutsy with just enough top end to "get it right". The Copperhead and Ramrod also have a greater threshold before speaker breakup than my Jensen clones, so your amp needs to provide a refined breakup and not be asking for "help" from the speaker...they deliver a fairly accurate rendering of your amps overdrive without adding tones of texture.
David Barber

The Copperhead 10" is balanced and nicely present for clean tones although once again the high volume cranked amp tones are a little raspy and rude.

I don't have the Copperhead, but the Ragin Cajun makes my Princeton Reverb and Vibrolux Reverb bigger and better sound. I really like the Ragin Cajun. Ragin Cajun is sound like a beefed up
version of Copperhead.

Ragin Cajun, 2 10 or 4 10. A bit heavy I think. But a single 10 like Princeton, you can improve the tone a lot. Much full, big tone. I have this in my Princeton.

I like the Ragin Cajun too. The RC got more fat tone, bottom end (not muddy) . So my taste, having 4 of these too much FAT? And plus a bit more heavy.

If you like British sound, you will like the Ramrod from Red Coat. 75 watts, more headroom than V10. I have 2 in closed cab. Nice tone!

The Ramrod + copperhead combo is very big and very open sounding, they are close enough that you can mic either without tons of mixing console EQ to make up for the two different speaker responses. The Copperheads while still being my favorite speaker for clean to mild breakup, add that raspy top end to the ram/copper combo...so players who want a sure fire speaker that goes from clean to mean should go for the ramrod, for players that want the ultimate for clean with exceptional presence the Copperhead is dynamite. Both the Copperhead and Ramrod played very well with OD pedals, the Copperhead did not display the top end rasp when using quality OD pedals.
David Barber (David B)

I liked the Copperhead a lot. Great for my funk rhythm,
Jazz line, blues tone. Crisp and big tone. One of my Berklee student got Copperhead for his Fender hotrod 4 10s. Sounded clear, punch, great blues tone. so good

Yesterday I installed a set of Ragin Cajun's in a 65 Super reverb for a customer and
I loved the results so much I thought I'd pass the info here; With the amp on "4", the tone I was able to get was very Twin Reverb like in nature, very full, tight low end, and chime for days. I've never been a fan of 10" speaker loaded Fenders,
especially SR's. Those who can play these amps make them sound great, I've never been one of them. This amp with the Cajun's produced such a great open tone, I could have played it all day long.

I used a strat tuned down to Eb, and even when I bumped the volume up to about 7, I could still hear the integrity of every note, yet the right amount of compression was still there. The speakers that came out were Jensen C10Q's, and the Eminence Cajuns walked all over them. I should point out that there is also a major increase in volume with these speakers, a good thing for someone wanting more headroom at a higher level.

I have a Princeton Reverb, and Tweed Princeton here that I also ran on a Cajun. Both amplifiers shined better than ever on this speaker. I highly recommend anyone using 10" speakers
to try a set of these, you'll be amazed. Doug

Ramrod= thick/deep and punchy 10" with a little less than normal detail, but still plenty enough for balance...a touch of mids and presence added does the trick from any competent amp.

I have old Jensen in my Vibrolux. Great tone when you play soft Volume, but once turn up the volume, no good. The Ragin Cajun handle the volume and very efficient. Great bass response. But if you would like hear more crisp, clear top. I recommend the Copperhead. I love funk rhythm a lot as well as overdriven soloing. I have both. I prefer the Copperhead for 2x10. That's for my taste. Another word, the Ragin Cajun is too hot and spicy. Both are very efficient speakers.

The Copperhead has more something special too me. Full tone, punchy, singing, I really like this.

I have the Ragin' Cajun in my '65 Princeton Reverb and have been very impressed with the tone of it. It has the perfect amount of low end and sparkly highs.

The Ramrod is pretty damn big sounding and handles clean and OD very well, although needs a slightly higher treble push from the amp to get things sparkling.

I have all three. The Legend 105 is very vintage tone. More top end. Very even sounding. The Copperhead is more headroom than the Legend 105 and a bit more high mid? Very crisp. The Ragin Cajun got more bottom than others. Big, full tone. Increase more headroom too. I wish the Ragin Cajun has more top end (for me).

The copperhead is better than most anything for clean and mild breakup.

I put two of these in my old Vibrolux Reverb and since they have broken in I have to agree Doug. I love them. Very BIG sounding 10's.

I also abso-freakin-lutely loved the Ramrod 10" ! I put a pair in a 4 X 6V6 vertical combo, and it sounded like a 50-W with the worlds greatest 12 in it. Lots of deep girthy bass, a shimmering high end like a good ten should have too. Fuchsaudio

You should also check out the Ramrod 10 from Eminence. I put them in our 2 X 10 combos, and they kill ! A 30-W 2 X 10 sounds like a 50-W (nice and efficient), a good tight bottom (like an excellent 12), but with the sheen and sparkle on top (like a good ten). I liked the Ragin and Copperheads too, but my fave of the bunch was the Ramrod.

I have the Ragin Cajun and the Copperhead and this is exactly what I am finding...I wish the Ragin Cajun had more top end and I wish the Copperhead held together and stayed creamy and smooth like the Ragin’ Cajun when pushed...

I just like the Copperhead better clean and the Ragin Cajun better when overdriven...

I think 2 of each in Super would be perfect!!

I just loaded 2 Copperheads into my '65 Vibrolux Reverb. They were a little harsh at first but eventually loosened up and now they sound quite nice. They are just a good sounding all-around speaker.....nice low end, very present mids and a pleasant top end with plenty of Fender mojo.

 I've got a Vibrolux with the Rajin Cajuns in it. They are definitely efficient and have a punchy (read non farting out) bass. Maybe a little too efficient for my needs. I'm thinking about replacing one with something with a little more sparkle and rounded bass to it.

My Ramrod breaks up early, has a very strong bass and midrange. It isn't spikey on top at all. Great speaker in my Laney LC15. Acts like a much bigger speaker. Not a clean speaker, it is all British.

I like the Legend 105 as well. I've currently got a 2x10 cab loaded with one Legend 105 and one Ragin' Cajun and it is a smoking hot sound. I tried a Delta Demon before the 105 and it was a little too dark for me. I'm really digging the Cajun/105 combo.

I have found this combo to be really well balanced. I had trouble initially with that when I had the Delta Demon and Ragin' Cajun in the cab. The Cajun overpowered, but the Demon was there enough to darken it up past my liking. When I swapped in the 105 it was night and day difference. The cleans got nice and shimmery and the whole tone opened up in all frequencies. They do the job for both clean and OD. I drive the cab with a Sundown 100w head and haven't gotten any low end flap at high volumes, and still get a great defined sound at low volumes. I'm happy with this setup.

I went with copperheads & wanted to just share my initial experience.

First of all, the original oxford speakers sounded surpisingly great at low volume, but did break up early & lacked volume.

When I first put the copperheads in, I spent a bunch of time comparing the amp to my '71 deluxe Reverb w/ Reverend alltone speaker. The DR had more sparkle, the vibrolux now sounded a little midrangey with less sparkle but had a fuller sound & did sound pretty good.

Played on it a little while at home loud as I could, and played a gig with it, sounded nice & strong at the gig. Then I compared it to the DR again and folks, speaker break in is no myth. A lot of the boxy midrangeyness was gone. The DR still has a little bit more sparkle & a little less midrange (& less bass) but they now sound very similar.

I should say I play telecaster in a rockabilly/ country band & play clean, getting just a bit of OD from the amp sometimes. The copperheads get me my twangy fendery tele sound & the they definitely gave the amp more volume. There is more midrange than a typical vintage speaker in an old fender, but it doesn't sound cardboardy or celestion-y (sorry, celestion guys). And they don't fart out on the low E. The original oxfords I think were still best at bedroom levels, but to gig with the copperheads make the amp more useable.
  I got a '79 Vibrolux myself, which also had some bad-sounding CTS ceramics. I have blackfaced the VR, which changes it's character considerably (less bright, more crunch/break-up)

I went with the Eminence Ramrods in mine, they are wonderful...big bass, punchy mids, and a nice upper-mid sizzle. LOUD!
 For me personally, the Weber 10A125 alnicos, Weber Sig alnicos and Legend 105's are on my shortlist to try for my Rivera Jake. I wonder if the Legends will compress like an alnico (?)
      I've used the Emi 105's and Ragin Cajuns in my SFVR. Both speakers provided tighter bass, more punch and increased volume vs the stock Oxfords. For the last several months, I have been using one of each. I really like the sparkle and punch they provide. The combination sounds great with my R7 and American Standard Strat.