Welcome to Dr. John Gerster's list of favorite links.
==Computer CHESS==Kasparov vs. IBM's Big Blue-,or see the Games
Or, Kasparov vs the World, or,you can Play a Game or, see: Chesslinks!
And there's Max! the Schnauzer from CarTalk, or Shockwave sites
Have you wanted to check if a Domain is available? or convert Currency
Or, do you have WinAmp, and want to see Mp3? or, pianist Juliana!
Make a call on the Internet on Net2Phone for free, or DialPad
And, look at the  Iditarod Supersite and see the Contest I won! 
But, the -best- Museum now open is the Getty  in L.A. you must see!
Are you a dog person?  Look at the Miniature Schnauzer or, Mars!
Or, send an email to AT&T's PCS phones,or Netscape email cc
For news on the Web, go to CNN , or The New York Times or Ituner radio
To test your Internet Download speed, or, view your WebMail on ACS
And, you -have- to see the Alaska Bear that goes after the canned salmon guy
Aviation Sites and Sources:
Links about Alaska: (or, SLED,Alaska's StateWide Electronic Doorway)
----Great Major Places to Start from:
----Libraries                                     What time is it?
                       THE WEBCRAWLER:
     WebCrawler Searching My -Favorite- way of searching the WWW.
Other spinoffs include: Robots and Spiders that -wander- over the Web, and
the MetaCrawler from Washington University

----Weather: Servers, Forecasts, Links, and More
----Other Ways of Searching the Internet
     Russian Far East Links to Siberian business

----Free Airline Booking Online:
And: Dr. Gerster's Wine Page Links to the World of Wine
Member of the International Wine & Food Society

---Find anyone on the Internet:
--Medical Servers:-----