We carry a wonderful selection of natural gemstone jewelry set in either sterling silver, gold filled, gold plated, or 14kt gold.  A few to mention is Hematite, Rose Quartz, Lapis, Assurite, Acqua Auora, Garnet, Adventurine, Tiger Eye, Obsidian, Oxynx, Citrine, etc..

We specialize in our own line of Natural Gold Nugget Jewelry, crafted right here in Homer. Such items include rings, "Lockets of Gold", pendants, earrings, bracelets, tie tacks, cuff links, money clips, and of course the wonderful gold nuggeted (all from Alaskan gold) initials and watches, both in mens and womens. We have been manufacturers of this stunning jewelry for over eighteen years.

No Alaskan jewelry collection would be complete without some of Alaska’s own Hand-Crafted Ivory. We have mammoth fossil and walrus ivory jewelry, mammoth ivory, which include, pendants, earrings, strings of beads, bracelets, tie tacks/pins, etc. We have all of the items listed above also that have been "scrimshawed". In our scrimshaw line, we have included, thimbles, book marks, letter openers, knives, etc.

In our jewelry department, we also have a complete line of both Jade and Hematite jewelry.  They are gorgeous!! We even have faceted jade jewelry, which is rare, in deed!

Now, if you’re in the mood for fun, we carry a great deal of "fun" jewelry, which include earrings of beautiful flies (to go fly fishing with, that is), different types of fish, spinners, to toilet earrings.  You have to see it to believe it. We also have such a wonderful selection of sea life and wild life jewelry in gold, silver, such as dolphins, whale tails, puffins, moose, eagles, bears, etc.

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