We have gone to great lengths to find the "right" T-shirts and Sweat Shirts which will portray the beauty of Alaska. We have searched throughout the country and our own great state to find the designers who would create such designs that would turn "anyone's" head to take a second look.

In many cases, we have asked the designer to redraw the mammal, animal, etc. to make it more authentic and real looking. The garments we have chosen to place these beautiful designs on are also of the finest quality. We strive to have great quality and grace on all of our products, and the clothing area is one in which we are quite well know.

Although we specialize in T-shirts (including long-sleeve) & Sweats (which include cardigans, zip-up, hooded, collared, etc.), we carry numerous other clothing items, as well. We have a gorgeous selection of denim shirts with great designs on the backs. We carry light weight coats and jackets, as well as heavy outer coats & jackets. We are quite fortunate in having fleece designers right here and thus, have a couple of wonderful lines of jackets, head bands, mittens; baby, children, and youth sizes.

And of course, we also carry regular turtle neck jerseys for adults and children and we have leggings, shirts, long underwear, infant outfits, and even hand knitted layettes.

We usually have our designs hung around the store so you may view them prior to purchasing. The hard part is selecting one. Our sizes range from S-2X, & 3X, if we can get them.

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