Coho Salmon

The Coho is also commonly known as the "Silver" salmon. The range in which they travel goes from the coastel waters of Alaska from Southeast to Point Hope on the Chukchi Sea and into the Yukon River to the Alaska-Canada border. Their average length is 2-2.5 ft/.61-.76m, with their average weight being 8-12 Lbs/3.6-5.4 kg. Again, in the Alaskan waters, much larger sized Silver Salmon have been caught. They are quite well known for their "fighting" nature, even as small as they are. They are also known for their brilliant colors, namely light lavenders, pinks, and blues, blended with the silver background, making them a "stunning" fish to behold. Their spawning colors are such that both the males and females have dark backs and heads and a maroon to reddish side. The males develop a prominent hooked snout.