Canned Salmon

Alaska's great glacier-fed rivers produce the world's largest salmon. Each species of salmon produce the very best taste, consistency, & flavor. Canned especially for Tasty Delights from Alaska®™.

All of the different species of salmon listed below are fantastic eating. Each species has its own unique flavor and all are wonderful tasting, baked, broiled, stuffed, smoked, canned, etc. Although there are more species of the Pacific Salmon, such as the Chum and Pink, the ones we have listed below are by far the best tasting.


Assorted Gift Pack

Our assorted gift packs come with 1 can of Smoked Red, King, and Silver "Kippered" Salmon. Also included is 1 can of Smoked King Salmon "Squaw Candy" which is exclusive to our gift packs.

Gift Pack: $47.50 each

King (Chinook) Salmon

Our Smoked King Salmon is some of the finest in the land. Just open and serve for a delicious treat.
1/2 Lb. can

Smoked King Salmon: $9.50 each

Red (Sockeye) Salmon

Our succulent Red Salmon is wonderful for all party occasions. Ready to eat right out of the can.
1/2 Lb. can

Smoked Red Salmon: $9.50 each

Silver (Coho) Salmon

Treat yourself to some chips and dip made from our delicious Kippered Silver Salmon.
1/2 Lb. can

Smoked Silver Salmon Kippered: $8.50 each


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