Chinook Salmon

The Chinook is also commonly known as the "King" salmon. The range in which they travel goes from as far south as Monterey Bay in California to the Chukcki Sea in Alaska. Their average length is 3-4 ft./.91-1.2m with an average weight of 20-40 Lbs/9.1-18 kg. Anglers as well as commercial fisherman have caught the mighty king salmon weighing up to 100 Lbs., with the record king salmon being logged in at 98 Lbs. Their spawning colors vary from red to copper to almost black, depending on the location and degree of maturation. The male is more deeply colored than the female and is distinguished by its ridged back and its hooked upper jaw. The famous "Kenai River" in Kenai, Alaska, houses the world's largest king salmon. The King Salmon is Alaska's state fish and is the largest of all of the Pacific Salmon.