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Here are a few informational links ~ some are the same information basically but by different folks and with a different spin. As I find more, I'll post more..

Bell's Palsy Network - Excellent source of information - wonderful FAQ page and the Forum is wonderful ~ great people, great information! It is a good place to ask questions, share experiences, get support, give support or just help you realize you are not alone.

Bell's Palsy Info Page - Excellent information Sponsored by: The National Centers For Facial Paralysis, Inc. "Specialists in the Rehabilitation of Paralyzed Facial Muscle"

Facial Nerve Disorders - A group of ear nose and throat specialists offers an on-line brochure from The American Academy of Otolaryngology on Bell's Palsy and other disorders of the facial nerve.

Neurology WebForums Sponsored by Massachusetts General Hospital. They have information and forums on many conditions including Bells. This one doesn't appear to be as widely used but still it has good information and is a good place to go.

From the University of Chicago - information on Bell's Palsy written for primary care physicians. 3/94

Health Connection General site on many health issues

Health Connection / Bells Good short article on Bell's Palsy, 4/98

MedicineNet A network of doctors providing comprehensive, up-do-date health information for the public.

MedicineNet - on Bell's Palsy

The Enlight Zone This is a very different but interesting site on Bells

National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland, 4/96

YourHealth General site on many health issues

YourHealth - on Bell's Palsy

Bell's Palsy--What It Is and Why, By John G. Hipps, M.D.

Mayo Clinic on Bell's Palsy

7th Cranial Nerve More information that you could possibly want on the 7th cranial nerve.

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center on Bell's Palsy

Thrive Online General health realted site

Article - Research links Bell's Palsy to herpes

Study that links Bell's Palsy and HSV-1

The North Broward Hospital District, Neurosciences, Bells Palsy

South County Journal Article - Facial paralysis from Bell's palsy is temporary, August 15, 1998

AMA on Bell's Palsy September 1996 Time Course of Bell Palsy

Bell's Palsy Treatment with Acyclovir and Prednisone Compared with Prednisone Alone: A Double-Blind, Randomized, Controlled Trial Article

Thriveonline Study Double-blind study, they compared the final outcome of 99 Bell's Palsy patients treated with either acyclovir-prednisone

Healinfo Information on a study regarding the use of prednisolone.

The NeuroWeb forum at Harvard University It provides a patient account of a positive outcome in treating Bell's Palsy with acupuncture.

The Electronic Hourglass ~ a good source of additional links

Facial Exercises

New Member ForumGreat site with a new Bells member forum and many good links and information.

Med Help on Bell's Palsy

General Bell's Palsy Information

Decompression Surgery for the facial paralysis.

Eyelid Surgery in Facial Paralysis (Bell's Palsy)

Information on Dr. Charles Bell

Here are two sites where men with Bells who kept an on-line diary Bill and Jim

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