You are about to decide on what could be the wilderness trip of your life!

Alaska Natural History Expeditions offers you the great outdoors as you've never seen it before! Breath-taking scenery and unbelievable wildlife viewing will make this the experience you've been looking for. Naturalist/Wildlife Biologist, John Wenger, an instructor with the University of Alaska, will show you, close up and intimately, the real Alaska wilderness. Choose from five expeditions at rates you can't afford to pass up.

So come on! Check out the expeditions below and join one while you can... John will be retiring in 1999, so this will be the last year for the Alaska Natural History Expeditions!

Denali Nat'l Park
& Interior Alaska

Arctic National
Wildlife Refuge

National Park

Denali &
Wrangell-St. Elias

Gates of the

All photography taken on Expeditions by John Wenger.

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