APUNSC-Eagle Glacier Summer Training Camps

“The best summer skiing in the world

Thomas Training Center on Eagle Glacier

Thirty- five minutes south of Anchorage by car, and a short ten minute flight or a three hour hike will get you to the best summer ski training opportunity in the world. The Thomas Training Center on Eagle Glacier sits on a high alpine ridge 5700 feet above Girdwood and the Turnagain Arm. The Training Center is located on a flat ridge top just a short walk from the ski tracks. The Eagle Glacier provides the best summer skiing available in the world, at an altitude of 5400-5800 feet, and with better snow conditions than can be found on the glaciers of Europe. The upper portion of the Eagle Glacier is in the accumulation zone; the portion of the glacier where the annual snow fall accumulates faster than can melt away in the summer. Here the glacier is more of a snowfield and the topography of the glacier is ideal and allows for long training loops with a variety of rolling terrain.

The view from the camp down the glacier is expansive-7000 foot peaks of the western Chucach Mountain ring the glacier. In the opposite direction, completing the 360 degree view, the rock massif falls away thousands of feet to reveal the headwaters of Glacier Creek, flowing through Girdwood and on into Turnagain Arm.

APUNSC Summer Camps: Space is limited register early!

Jim Galanes, the head coach of APUNSC, invites you to join the APUNSC for some great summer training. The APUNSC staff will run two summer camps at the Thomas  Training Center that are open for local, regional and national skiers.  Due to the size of the facility space for each camp is limited to twenty athletes. Each camp will offer five full days of skiing!

Camps will only be held only if we have 15 or more athletes registered!

Camp Cost

July 14-19       $620

August 11-16  $620

The cost for the camp covers transportation into the glacier, food, lodging, wax and track setting fees.



Due to the nature of the weather on the glacier it is necessary to build in some flexibility into the camp schedule. To assist with logistics we ask that athletes coming from outside arrive Anchorage two days prior to the camp. We typically try to begin flying gear, food and supplies in to the camp one to two days prior to the camp. On the day before the camp, if the weather is good we fly all the athletes in to the glacier. If the weather is bad we will have the option to hike in to the facility. At the conclusion of the camp we hike out on Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning. It is also wise to plan for a day or two in Anchorage after the camp so that we can be sure that all of the gear has been flown off the glacier.


During our camps the primary focus is on endurance training with extensive technique work. Athletes can ski one to two sessions per day depending upon their personal training plans. APUNSC Coaches will be on snow for every session to offer advice and guidance with technique and training. Many  training sessions will be video taped for review in the afternoon and evening.


What to Bring?

Athletes should come to Eagle Glacier prepared for winter weather. It can and does snow year round on the glacier. Typically in the summer months the temperatures range from 30-50 degrees F. While the weather can be often cloudy and mixed precipitation, the training is always good if you are dressed for it. Some type of lightweight rain gear is highly recommended. We also recommend bringing some light hiking boots or sturdy footwear and a backpack for the hike out. Towels and bedding are available at the facility. Of course, the athletes should come equipped with one pair each of skating and classic, skis, boot and poles. 

Try to keep the gear bags as small as possible. More information will be provided upon registration.


For more information please call Jim Galanes at the APUNSC Office 564-8328 or email apu_xc@alaskapacific.edu