Airliners Alaska

Airliners Alaska is a list of classic airliners plying the airways above the Last Frontier. Anchorage International, Alaska's largest airport, is home to DC-3s, DC-6s, the last passenger Convairs and Electras, and early Boeing jets. Many of these airliners can still be flown on scheduled routes (the DC-6s are the only type that can't).

The Douglas propliners are flown by ERA Aviation, Northern Air Cargo (NAC), and Air Cargo Express. ERA operates two restored DC-3s during the summer tourist season for scheduled flightseeing. Northern Air Cargo and Air Cargo Express operate more than a dozen DC-6s, most of them ex-military C-118s. Listed are only the former passenger-carrying civilian models because of their airline history.

The big turboprops are flown by ERA and Reeve Aleutian Airways. ERA has five Convair 580s in passenger service. They were originally delivered as piston-engined CV-340s (United Airlines) and CV-440s but were converted to turboprop power in the 1960's by Frontier Airlines. Reeve has three Electras in combination passenger/cargo service that originally flew for Western, Qantas, and TEAL.

The early Boeing jets are flown by Reeeve, NAC, and Alaska Airlines. Reeve operates two 727-100C "combis", purchased from Wien Air Alaska when that airline folded in 1983. Are they the last passenger 727-100s in the United States? NAC operates three 727-100s that have been converted to freighters, two of them former American Airlines birds. Lastly, Alaska Airlines operates eight 737-200C "combis" on routes within Alaska, including former Wien and Markair 737s.

These lists provide tail number, serial number, airline, and initial operator for each aircraft. Types are illustrated with a photogrtaph and in some cases initial operator livery is shown.




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