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Description: Close to populated area, along main road.

Challenge: Upper Chena: offers Class I canoeing, good moose sighting and fishing. Lower Chena: is through the center of town and offers the finest restaurants.

Time: Trips range from a few hours to 3 days for entire river.

Fishing: Arctic grayling, northern pike, round whitefish, humpback whitefish, sheefish, burbot, king and chum salmon.

Wildlife: Moose, beaver, muskrat, migratory waterfowl.

Maps: Circle A-5; Big Delta D-5, D-6; Fairbanks D-1, D-2

2nd Bridge
1st Bridge
2.5 miles
1st Bridge
90 Mi Slough
2 miles
90 Mi Slough
Hodgins Slough
11 miles
Hodgins Slough
Bailey Bridge
16 miles
Chena River Dam
8.5 miles
Chena River Dam
Nordale Slough
15.5 miles
L Chena River
Badger Slough
3.5 miles
Badger Slough
Wendell Street
10.5 miles
Wendell Street
Peger Road
3 miles
Peger Road
University Avenue
2 miles
University Avenue
River Mouth
6 miles



Description: More remote with both wilderness and some cabins along riverfront.

Challenge: Upper river is swift, shallow and challenging, due to sweepers and log jams. The midriver and lower river are very slow with much paddling required. The wildlife is everywhere and fishing gets better the further downstream one travels.

Time: Trips can range from one day to 10 days.

Fishing: The Chatanika River supports a wealth of fish year round, including grayling, sheefish, and northern pike.

Wildlife: Caribou, brown and black bear, Dall sheep, migratory waterfowl.

Maps: Circle A-6, B-5, B-6; Livengood A-1, A-2, A-3, A-4, A-5, A-6; Fairbanks D-4, D-6.

From To Miles
Cripple Creek Steese Hwy Bridge 26 miles
Steese Hwy Bridge Elliot Hwy Bridge 19 miles
Elliot Hwy Bridge Pipeline Crossing 9 miles
Pipeline Crossing Murphy Creek 24 miles
Shovel Creek Hard Luck Creek 20 miles
Hard Luck Creek Murphy Dome Road 2 miles
Murphy Dome Road Goldstream Creek 14 miles
Goldstream Creek Tolovana River 32 miles
Tolovana River Tanana River 75 miles
Tanana River Manley Hot Springs 35 miles



Description: Wild and scenic, the scenery consists of contrasting mosaic green vegetation, trees, towering limestone peaks, and colorful exposed rock cliffs along the gentle meandering river.

Challenge: This trip can be accomplished by novice canoers, and has a class I rating.

Time: One to three weeks, depending on how much of the river you wish to float.

Fishing: Arctic char, arctic grayling, northern pike, whitefish, sheefish, burbot, slimy sculpin, long-nose sucker.

Wildlife: Caribou, grizzly and black bear, Dall sheep, moose, wolf, lynx, beaver, peregrine falcon, golden eagle, bald eagle.

Maps: Livengood B-1, B-2, C-1, C-2, D-1; Circle B-6, C-6, D-5, D-6.

From To Miles
Nome Creek Victoria Creek 127 miles
Victoria Creek Dalton Hwy Bridge 272 miles



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A wealth of information from the Alaska Public Lands Information Center is found at http://www.nps.gov/aplic

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