Gus Lamoureux’s Ugashik Lake and Kodiak Bear Camp

Fish and Master Big Game guide, 65 miles south of King Salmon in the Alaska Peninsula National Wildlife Refuge
This year I got a nice goat - even if it did rain every day! My buddy, his brother and I are putting in for another goat permit in 2000. We got wet but had a really good time.” - Damian Baptiste
Billy goat
“I’m Koreen Lamoureux, Gus’ wife. This was my second try for a goat as I missed the first one. It wasn’t easy, but not as hard as I thought it would be. We had great weather, went up, got the goat and came back to camp in the same day. It’s a real nice Billy with horns just under 9 inches and bases at 5.5.”
Another view of Billy Goat
Koreen with another view of her goat.
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