Gus Lamoureux’s Ugashik Lake and Kodiak Bear Camp
bear tracks

"Virginia might be a long way from the Alaska Peninsula, but it wasn't too far to go for this nice nine foot brown bear. He was feeding on a caribou killed by wolves. The wolves were trying to reclaim the caribou. It looked like Wild America. I'm coming back with Gus, but on Kodiak this time. I am hoping to draw a goat permit so I can combine that hunt with the Sitka Blacktail Deer hunt I have already booked. I understand Gus knows how to get the big ones."
- John Keats
Fish and Master Big Game guide, 65 miles south of King Salmon in the Alaska Peninsula National Wildlife Refuge
"Charlie Karp here with my guide, Brad Waitman. We got this beautiful bear after hiking into the hills to set up a spike camp. On the first day of hunting he almost walked right into my sights." - Charlie Karp
"I have come all the way from Norway to hunt at Gus Lamoureux's Kodiak Bear Camp. This is the beautiful bear I got on the first day. - Rolf Ericson
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