Fritz's Portal to World News Sources
and Afghanistan Perspectives

These are some places to view world events from various cultural perspectives. I don't endorse the viewpoints of all of these papers! The point is to portray diverse viewpoints.
"An informed citizenry is the foundation of democracy" -- Thomas Jefferson

"Knowledge will forever govern ignorance: And a people who mean to be their own Governors, must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives." --James Madison

Oman Daily Observer Comment The Island (Sri Lanka independent) The Times (London) Pakistani Weekly; pro-Taliban
My perspectives on Afghanistan (with Afghan history)


  • The Times (London)
  • Jane's International Security Briefing (British) "the ultimate source for defence, aerospace and transportation information". Sometimes a little military-techy, but hey, these guys know what they are talking about! An excellent source for detailed political and military analysis.

Middle East

Central and South Asia

Asian Far East

World Newspapers Online (from That's News to"

DOMESTIC (U.S.) News Sources

Anchorage Daily News


Juneau Daily News Online

Juneau Empire Online

Remember that "Internet Knowledge" may stray widely, just as peoples opinions and newspaper articles. Don't trust any single source! Read widely, balance and backup your sources, and forge your own diversely-informed viewpoint.

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