Alma and Lock and Dam 4 from blufftop Buena Vista Park

The Beef Slough Store is located on the River side of Alma's short dowtown strip of historic old buildings. Don't let the name fool you-they don't serve slabs of beef (we did wonder at first)..Beef Slough is a name for a channel of the Mississippi in Alma.

The cheerful folks at Beef Slough serve up wonderful espresso/coffee drinks from behind the old fashioned coffee counter. While you are waiting you probably won't be able to resist their impressive display of chocolates and other incredible candies. We were fascinated by the mammoth jawbreakers (but we were too adult to try them) and loved the pastel colored rock candy (it seemed kind of wingdam-like). And of course, there is a lovely gift shop to slowly meander through (we found that this very relaxed pace often requires a second espresso. (One of us actually had 3-we do wish they had decaf espresso). We were surprised to find a selection of nice wines as well.

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