Designing Nancy's Cartop Dory

This started out as a project I was going to have designed and tacked together while Nancy was away on a 4 day camping trip - a surprise birthday present. However, I had to discard the first side panels I cut out due to my own error, which ruled out the 4 day boat. The project turned out to be something quite different, but also very positive, with Nancy building almost all of the boat herself. She did a GREAT job!!

Constraints on the Design:

I studied Bolger's "Big Dory" (I would have used the "Light", but had no good lines handy for it), Sam Devlin's "Oarling" and the Glen-L "Dory" closely to help with the design. I took a number of measurements off of drawings for each of these boats and entered them in a spreadsheet, drawing a strong points of each for my particular constraints or sometimes averaging measurements of all three. Lots of work on paper and with posterboard models here! Robert Laine's Carene 4 and Carene 5 were helpful on aspects of the design, but did not lend themselves easily to describe all the design complexities of changing flare angles etc. Of course there is better software out there, but these tools got me close enough for my purposes.

Modifications during construction:

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