Voyages Through Cultural Perspectives:
Interdisciplinary Integration of Boatbuilding in an Elementary School Classroom

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  • Drama (Tlingit vs. Western)
  • Tlingit Song
  • Sea Chanteys (movement) w/fundraising concert
  • Folk Songs
  • Films: Kipling, Tall Ships
  • Literature


        Research Projects:
  • Boat as historical/cultural link
  • Anthropology
  • Art

Boat Shop
  • Shop Safety
  • Tool Skills
  • Scale Model Construction
  • Full Size Temporary (Stage Prop)
  • CAD/ Boat Design - displacement/flare
  • The Real Boat
  • Teamwork, Mentoring


The materials we use to build our boats will lead us to a study of forest ecology, sustainable harvests, and the life cycles which link our material (wood), to the ocean upon which we will launch our boats. We note that Tlingit traditions have long embraced recent scientific views about these cycles.

  • Geometry Trigonometry (flare calculations)
  • Physics (Archimedes, hydrodynamics, foils)
  • Fractions (isotope mixtures)
  • Chemistry: Atomic Structure, Isotopes (models) -links to forest ecology

  • Creative Visualization

  • Personal Sea Story
  • Community launch celebration
  • World Classroom Connections
  • USCG field trip
  • Cold Water Survival/ Swamped Boat Safety
  • Basic Boat Handling/ Swimming Skills

Program Elements

Integration of Community Resources and Facilities

Lessons I have learned about boatbuilding with kids

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