Building the Boats

Marlinespike seamanship and life afloat: Capt. Kelly Mitchell teaches the clove hitch, and talks about working aboard a small cruise ship.

The kids first built cardboard models of the boat, using the same steps as they will use for the real boat.

Attaching the bottom. For the models, tape is used for the fastenings. The models have chine logs, gunwales, a center mold, and transoms (tombstones in dory lingo).
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The models all sprouted creative names!
On to the real thing!! All of the Pilgrims pitch in to quickly spread the glue for attaching the chine logs

The "Nomads" nail their chine logs on.

The "Assassins" group have both sides are ready!
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The protruding chine log is sawn off...
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The two ends are wrapped around the molds and pinched together, then the blue cable ties are cinched up to temporarily fasten the bow together.

Nathan holds the bucking iron (a sledge), while Connor drives the transom fastenings home
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All four boats wrapped around the molds!
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Charlie and Aldyn help apply epoxy to the scarf joint in the bottom panel. (The boats are longer than a single sheet of plywood). Because it involved epoxy, this was a special volunteer project, not done with the whole class.
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The kids love playing with the latex gloves!!

Glue is applied then the keel is flipped over onto the bottom.
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Nailing flat on the floor (which kids do best!), the Nomads attach the keel to the bottom panel
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Glue is applied to the chine log...

Then the bottom panel is nailed to the external chine logs.
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Autographing the completed bottom

Fastening the inwale. Joe "bucks" with the sledgehammer, while Aldyn drives the fastening.
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On a sunny Saturday, the Assassins inwale is installed at Cope Park, with Gold Creek in the background.
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Back at Cope Park, the Pilgrims are finally painting! Joe and Lauren apply the shellac (bug spit!) primer.
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The children chose bold colors for their boats, after many days of sometimes heated discussion. The choice of color was very important to them.
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March 31: All loaded up in the truck and headed for the launch! The boats were trucked to Gold Creek for a carefully supervised first outing in Gold Creek.
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Class pose, just before the launch!

Isaac checks out the "Assassins" craft...

The Nomads head out...

Brittany and Aldyn, back in the Assassins craft...

The Pilgrims pirate ship...

Friday June 1: Last Day of School Twin Lakes outing. Finally! Everybody goes for a paddle....Nathan takes the "Ketchup and Mustard" for a spin

Dana in the Assassins boat....

Joe takes the "Pilgrim's Pirate" for a spin...

Swimming! The sun came out and made for some impromptu capsize practice...


Even Ms. Heagy goes for a spin!!

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