The Crew of B-24 Liberator: Roger the Lodger

16 High Altitude Missions
WWII, European Theatre
December, 1944 - April 22, 1945

Crew of Roger the Lodger
Crew of Roger the Lodger
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Most of these photos are taken at Goose Bay, Labrador, in December 1944, while ferrying the aircraft over the north Atlantic to Europe.

Pilot Greenman
1st Pilot John Greenman
Minneapolis, Minnesota
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CoPilot Funk
Copilot Fred Funk (Cowboy)
LaCrosse, Wisconsin
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Navigator Trunoff
Navigator, Ted Tronoff
Berkeley, California
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Bombardier Pryzbyz
Bombardier Bill Przybysz
Wierton, West Virginia
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On wing
Flight Engineer "Pops" Blankenship (right)
with Przybysz, sweeping snow in Goose Bay
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The able gunners:
Cleo Anderson, John Dominey, and Don Bechen

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Flight Deck, from Navigator's bubble
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A Cold Crew Pose
James, Anderson, "Pops" (back)
Bechen, Dominey, Bruyere (front)

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