Joe Tours a B-24J Liberator Like Grandpa's

Grandpa's Liberator:

B24J "Roger the Lodger"

16 High Altitude Missions
WWII, European Theatre
December, 1944 - April 22, 1945
Collings Foundation B24J
Co-pilot Fred Funk's grandson Joe by the Collings Foundation's Liberator, also a B-24J

Pointing at Roger the Lodger's name Pointing at Roger the Lodger's name
Roger the Lodger's name is engraved on the left bomb bay door of the Collings B-24J, along with others in the "Honor Crew"

Joe by a B-24 Tire
These big tires are impressive!
Joe by the B-24 Prop
You used to pull these big props through by hand?

Joe on the flight deck
Joe checks out the step down from the flight deck, where the co-pilot made his slippery exit to "hit the silk"
B24 Nose Art
Ahem...Say, Grandpa, did your plane have these interesting paintings too?

The Collings Foundation has done a fantastic job on this B-24 restoration! They've also got a great B-17, the "Nine-O-Nine".

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