Fiber Composition


Artist Statement - Current Life

I was a passionate tapestry weaver for almost 30 years before I became addicted to the beautiful fabrics I discovered on my travels to India. It was overwhelming! I found these exquisite, colorful, radiant, translucent, glitzy fabrics that are handwoven, hand dyed, hand printed, hand painted or hand embroidered irresistible. I am inspired always.

Now I make wallhangings, baskets and other items out of vibrant, gorgeous silk fabrics from India. India’s influence has reassured me that working with brilliant, dazzling and glowing colors is very acceptable and adding gold or silver for glitz makes the fabric just that much more vibrant and precious.

This time in my life, I work simply for my own gratification. I find the creative process extremely stimulating and satisfying. So many different projects are soaring in my head at any given time and I would like to realize them all. It is a never ending struggle balancing my free time for art with available time in everyday life.

I have participated in group shows in the USA, Poland, Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Australia, Hungary, former Yugoslavia and on the Internet.

My works have been published in fiber arts books and magazines.

I have written articles about my textile travels for Fiberarts (USA) and TextileForum (Germany) magazines.

Take a look at my new work out of silk from India  --- wall hangings