Gold Key Service

Offered through various posts and embassies around the world, this service is used to preface a visit to the specific market.  Company literature is utilized to introduce the exporter to the market and key personnel in the foreign post contact potential trading partners to determine the level of interest.  Meetings are arranged for the U.S. company with the interested parties - meeting facilities are provided in the post as well as translation and general business services such as access to computers, telephones, fax machines, etc.  A report on pertinent commercial/economic environment guides to the region will be remitted to the client as well as any company  or product/service information obtained prior to their arrival.

Customized Market Analysis

Comprehensive market research "made to order".  A First-class product at a super-saver price.  Each analysis is made to match your specific needs.

International Partner Search

A customized in-country search by Commercial Service officers abroad to identify and pre-screen potential partners and contact top prospects to review the firm's products and services and marketing objectives.  Your company receives a report on up to 5 potential partners.

International Company Profile

A detailed background report on an overseas company.  Clients can request specific answers to detailed questions about potential partners abroad.

National Trade Data Bank

Unclassified, commercially valuable market intelligence and other germane information from 25 federal agency sources, the World Bank and other multi-lateral development banks.  System includes trade leads, market research, trade contacts, financial sources and other information.

Country Commercial Guides

"Don't leave home without one". When you are ready to assess a country as a potential market for your product or service, take time to talk to our international marketing specialist and pick up a copy of the Country Commercial Guide for your target market.  updated annually by the ambassador and the commercial team, the guide defines and lists best prospects, key contacts, commercial and political systems and more.

Industry Sector Analysis

Structured market research reports produced on location in leading overseas markets.  Reports cover market size and outlook, characteristics, and competitive, end-user analysis for a selected industry sector in a particular country.

International Market Insights

Short profiles of specific foreign market conditions or opportunities prepared in ovreseas markets and at multilateral development banks.  These non-formatted reports include information on dynamic sectors of a particular country.

Commercial News USA

A low-cost, high quality export marketing catalog promoting U.S. products and services world-wide.

Matchmaker Trade Missions

"Match" Alaska firms with prospective agents, distributors, and joint-venture or licensing partners abroad.


Offered at select trade shows.  Companies meet one-on-one with industry specialists from various countries.