Internship Program


Internship Benefits
U.S. Commercial Service Interns have the opportunity to learn the following while working in the
Alaska Export Assistance Center of the U.S. Department of Commerce

checkmrk.wmf (758 bytes)   An overall understanding of international trade and the role of the federal government in export development

checkmrk.wmf (758 bytes)  Knowledge of the use of U.S. statistical classification in market research

checkmrk.wmf (758 bytes)  An understanding of how and why the U.S. Government regulates exports; in particular,
      the basics of export documentation and licensing

checkmrk.wmf (758 bytes)  A working knowledge of government and non-government marketing services available to exporters and application of these    
     services to actual challenges faced by Alaska exporters

checkmrk.wmf (758 bytes)  Familiarity with government export promotion programs, including trade missions, trade shows, and catalog shows

checkmrk.wmf (758 bytes)  An understanding of the challenges posed by foreign distribution patterns and restriction trade practices

checkmrk.wmf (758 bytes)  Insights into export counseling sessions

checkmrk.wmf (758 bytes)  Training on the computer equipment of the Alaska Export Assistance Center:
      word processing, telecommunications, Internet and database searches

checkmrk.wmf (758 bytes)   Techniques and strategies for developing a tangible work product which conforms to the
       career aspirations of the intern and to the mission of the Alaska Export Assistance Center

Although the internship is an unpaid position, it provides a real-life alternative to a classroom
environment while allowing the student to earn academic credit. Candidates will want to
consider the intangible value of the program to their résumé. Additionally, the intern will have
the opportunity to compete for the international trade scholarships offered by the Export Council
of Alaska, the advisory body of the Alaska Export Assistance Center.