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River Expeditions in Southwest Alaska

Experience a float trip on a pristine Alaskan river, selected for its superb fishing and wilderness character. For those precious days of your Alaskan vacation, maximize your opportunities for successful fishing situations and glimpses of wary wildlife. We drift through mile after mile of scenic, wild backcountry teeming with caribou, grizzly or brown bear, wolf, and moose. Clear streams hold diverse fish species including rainbow trout, chinook, or king salmon, and coho or silver salmon.
Beautiful Alaska

Let us show you wild Alaska. Quench your curiosity about natural phenomena. Catch more beautiful salmon and trout than anyone will believe!

* Fishing:
Fly fishing and spin fishing (Fischen) for five species of salmon, arctic char, northern pike, sheefish, rainbow trout
* Hunts:
Rifle or bowhunting , (Jagd) for moose, caribou, black bear, grizzly bear
* Wildlife Watching:
Wildlife Biologist leads Photographic safaris

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