Here's an example of just how large the rainbow trout can get on the Kenai after feeding on salmon fry,  then eggs, and finally flesh in the late fall.   If you can stand the bone chilling cold it's possible to locate several of these larger trout feeding together behind the season's last run of spawning silver salmon.   There are some locations that we fish in November and December that simply do not have any small trout.  Yes I know, it's a tough predicament to be in.  My theory is that the smaller fish do not come into the territory of the large rainbows for fear of being injured or killed.  There's definitely a pecking order and the bigger rainbows must get the last nourishment available in order to make it through the long, lean winter months during which they will not feed at all resulting in the loss of at least a third of their body weight.  

Picture taken by Ernest Helton
Last updated on: Apr 18, 2005

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